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  1. I just got those boards and have used them 2 or 3 times. I went back and forth with no problem.
  2. I have clue #1 all finished - but then life got in the way. I have them all printed out and fabrics pulled. I've set a goal to finish 15 in '15 - and that one is on the list. We'll see how that goes. Love yours!!!! It's such encouragement for me :-)
  3. I'm generally not a big fan of flanges, but that sounds like the perfect solution to me.
  4. I think the question is, how do you fill in the gap at the top since the first line has a "swag" in it. I had trouble getting that into my head, too, so I just rolled the quilt top til I was lined up with the middle of the board on the first pass. Not sure if that helps or not, but it worked for me. Going back and forth is super fast and simple once you get rolling!
  5. You are going to be within 30 minutes of my house - but Freeda is doing just fine. I wish had a new computer for you to install, but I guess I wasn't very good last year. Santa did not leave one under my tree :-(
  6. We had 2 degrees this morning! with a strong north wind! BRRRRR
  7. I have the pattern, too, and need to get it done in the next 90 days. What do you use to trace it? Anything one thing any better than any other? And what did you use for a light box? I'm thinking I may just tape it to my patio door. Will that work?
  8. My mom last my Dad 10 years ago. My older sister lost her husband 13 years ago, and my younger sister divorced this summer. I know he has his faults, and I don't want to be alone so I'll gladly pick up his underwear off the floor and clean the bathroom. BUT he knows better than to mess with my sewing scissors!!!!
  9. Does this work on all fabrics, or just cottons? I just made some new altar cloths for church (all 100% linen) and almost impossible to get all the wrinkles out. I ironed as hot as I could for as long as I could, but they wrinkled again in transit. I hadn't thought about spritzing them - hanging on the altar. I might give that a try!
  10. I think I just put this on my Christmas List!!!!
  11. I'm not going to make it. I thought I could, but life happened. Hopefully next time!
  12. I'm in. Looks like strips is winning, so I'm fine with that. How many?
  13. I like the layer cake or 2 1/2 strips. and definitely themed. I'd vote for jewel tones or brights.
  14. I'm with you Dell. I just traded my DSM, so no thread for me today - but it is a great deal!
  15. I have never had the time to participate in a swap, but maybe this time. I would LOVE to!
  16. I just found out that it depends on the age of the rails if it takes the $3000 upgrade or the $1000 upgrade. I have a 2010 Freedom, and the NEW rails, so the upgrade will only cost me $1000.00 per Dawn. If you are looking at used, I believe anything newer than a 2010 has the new rails. Maybe Dawn or Mark can jump in here to confirm.
  17. Thanks everyone! I've been looking at the Angel Baby pattern and plan to start tracing soon. We get to go see them tonight as it is her birthday. And now I have a little prayer request. Erik just lost his job and she has been looking since May. I know the Lord will provide, but it's a time when they should get to be super excited instead of being stressed.
  18. My son and his wife have just announced a little bundle of joy will be arriving in April! This is my first grandbaby!!!! I'd better get busy practicing those feathers!
  19. That's a really nice idea! I donate a quilt each year to my old Catholic High School for their auction. A couple of years ago the theme was "Wizard of Oz" so I cut "bricks" 3 x 6 all of shades of gold, randomly pieced them and quilted with a panto. It brought more than some of the "nicer" items that had been donated (Not my definition, but some others). Using the school colors is awesome, and I particularly like that everyone will have a chance to win!
  20. I know exactly what you are talking about. I have one! I bought it used from Mary Beth Atchison - but I sure don't know where to get one. I use mine a lot - so at least I can tell you they are available. Sorry I'm not more help.
  21. I've made this one a couple of times. Really FAST! I cut it out on Saturday and donated it to my church on Monday - completely DONE!!! I'll try to post a picture. I haven't ever tried that, but it's hanging in the back of church now for the raffle, so it would be easy to at least TAKE the picture. It's all fall colors and completely from my stash.
  22. Our local shop owner is taking the course to become a certified teacher. She tells us the instructions are really well done and is going to start offering classes after the first of the year. I'm hearing lots of good things about her patterns.