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  1. We put new windows in a couple of years ago. Makes all the difference in the world!!! and there really isn't any mess - except for moving furniture, changing curtains.... :-) We'll get together soon, I'm sure, and hopefully Sheri can join us then, too.
  2. I'm right there with you Lisa! I keep wanting to do one of hers. Maybe after retirement.......Sew many quilts, sew little time.
  3. Virginia: My son that got married this weekend lives in Lenexa!!!! So does my oldest son. My sister that quilts (pieces actually) lives in Overland Park. Sounds like we need to be good friends!
  4. Do we have a time yet? We got our son married off this weekend - it was WONDERFUL - so now I'm ready to plan the weekend. June 7th, right? I can comfortably take 3 more with me from my house on I-35. Who's coming???? This is gonna be SO MUCH FUN!!!!
  5. Do you have to sit to use this? I am already scrunched behind my machine, and even tho I have a saddle stool, I can only use it from the front side. I'm anxious to watch the video - time has just not permitted yet. Sounds wonderful!!!
  6. So let's meet at my house and ride together from Cameron if that works for you ladies. Exit 52 off I-35. go the right, first road, (Woodridge Lane) and first house on the right. Now we just need to decide what time!
  7. That's awesome! That will give you lots of confidence and inspiration on your next "challenge". Good for you!
  8. I'll put it on my calendar! I just don't know where I'm going for sure. Anybody come up from Missouri? Maybe we can carpool. I go straight up I-35.
  9. I'm with Lisa. Puducah is definitely on my bucket list! Have a wonderul time :-)
  10. Does Invisigrip work, too? I already have a roll of that - and no - I didn't think to put it on my LA rulers. Well DUH!!!
  11. If you are looking for a solid, Kona Cotton is very nice and less expensiver per yard than printed quilting fabric. Missouri Star Quilt Company (on-line, but located in Hamilton, Missouri) carries lots of solids for $5.75 per yard. I'm not sure where Imperial Missouri it, but it might be a nice road trip.
  12. I never considered tearing those wide backs. Thanks for that great tip!
  13. May 31st is better for me. Seems like there is generally less going on the end of the month that the beginning - but don't pick the date based on me. Everyone chime in here please!
  14. Either of those dates probably would work for me, too. Let's just let the hostess pick, and those can make it will all have a good time!
  15. Congrats on retirement! Looks like you're having lots of fun - and it's beautiful.
  16. This is really so much fun - and I learn SOOO much! I sure hope we can make this happen. May 17 works for me - or after. Let's figure out where everyone is coming from and see if we can work out a carpool situation. I'm in Cameron, Missouri right on I-35. I'd be glad to bring some sort of snack/bruch item, too.
  17. I think Double Plumes is what came with my machine. I think it would look fabulous on this. It's a great "go-to".
  18. I would prefer later also. My son is getting married May 10 and there is lots to do before that as you can well imagine! I'm so glad you brought this up. I was just thinking about it over the weekend. I have a graduation on May 17, also.
  19. I baked 20 dozen - yup, that's right - 20 dozen chocolate chip cookies for my Mom's 80th birthday party on Sunday. She makes legendary cookies and the cookie jar is NEVER empty at her house, so that's what we're having at the party. Well, that and strawberry shortcake.....and cherry pie.....and chocolate divine.....and angel food cake. She's a tiny little thing and her motto is "your meal is not over until you've had your 3rd dessert!" It should be one "sweet" party!!!!! She's so cute.
  20. I understand once they are washed, the marks are "supposed to be" permanently removed. I have had a bad experience of them leaving a white line on dark fabric after they are pressed. I used either the pink or purple one. Not sure is the color of the pen would make a difference or not. I don't mind using them on my own quilts, but would be hesitant on a customer's quilt. Just my opinion.
  21. I've seen several robins here in NW Missouri - and there are baby calves everywhere - yup - must be almost spring!!! There is even a hint of green in that brown grass out there.
  22. I can identify with the 6 weeks of pox. 4 year old brought them home from preschool, and like a good big brother gave them to his 2 yr old brother who broke out 2 weeks later. Then the baby, just 7 months old got them 2 weeks later. I was told the same thing about immunity, but he had them the worst. He's 27 now and still has scars on his face. luckily, I was a stay-at home mom at the time - and was I ever STAY-AT-HOME MOM for 6 weeks. It's amazing what you can endure when you have to!
  23. There is a group of us each making a Farmer's Wife. We meet once a month. It's a lesson in paper piecing for most of us. Anyway, Someone called me from across the room to ask a question, so I got up from my machine, walked over there, answered the question and went back to my machine. I couldn't find the piece I was working on. Where could it have gone??? I walked back across the room, looked on the floor, the ironing surface - it was no where. Oh wait, the white paper is up and it's under my needle with half the seam sewed. Not really a goof, but I sure did feel silly. Everyone got a