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  1. I couldn't access the article, but I can imagine what it says. In our area we can charge a reasonable fee for our quilting. I'm a little higher than some, but I have enough quilts to keep me busy. I don't advertise and I know I could get more if I did. We all have to be proud of what we do and charge what we feel is fair. If you can't make any money at it, why do it? People get what they pay for.
  2. When I first got my long arm I didn't have any problem doing simple stuff. But, as time went on I wanted to do more free hand motifs and I really struggled. One thing that helped me was using a white board and just drawing what I was wanting to learn over and over again. It take time to get it from your hand to your brain. Remember, no matter how good you get there will always be someone better at it than you. Don't be so hard on yourself, we all struggle at times. You will never know how many hours that quilt you're admiring took the person to do. Maybe hours of unpicking or whatever. Practic
  3. thank you for the info. The dealer told me the brackets would be about $450 + $600 for them to install everything. I have the bliss system on my machine already. I really appreciate your input. I will continue to check all of the pricing.
  4. I'm near Idaho Falls and the dealer is in IF. I did tell them at APQS that they didn't know what it was. I would just like to try both and see how they are installed to make sure I'm making the right choice. Thanks for your help.
  5. I'm in Idaho. The dealer near hear for the APQS didn't even know what QP was. That should tell you something. One problem that I'm having with IQ is all the add ons just to complete the purchase. You have to pay extra for the brackets, the delivery and set up. All this adds an extra $1000.00 to it. I just think the brackets should be included in the price of such an expensive item. I know I'm being picky, and I will probably wind up paying it anyway. I just find it annoying.
  6. thanks for your input. I have tried to view the info and the videos. However, I haven't been able to actually talk to someone who has used either one of these products. I was hoping someone here might have used the quilt path. You're right that it's a huge investment and I definitely want to make sure I get the one that will be the best.
  7. I'm looking to add a computer to my Millie. I'm looking at quilt path and intelliquilter. Anyone have any opinions or info on this? thanks,
  8. I'm looking to add a computer to my Millie. I'm looking at Quilt Path and Intelliquilter. Does anyone have an opinion on either of these. thanks for any help.
  9. I'm thinking of buying Quilt Path. I have a few questions and hopefully someone will be able to help me. I have a Millie. Is quilt path my only option. In other words do I have to buy the computerized program made by APQS? I may well decide this is the best one for me, but I just wondered if there was an option. Does it take a lot of time and work to figure out how to use this? I just want to be sure I can actually figure out how to use it if I buy it. thanks, c.
  10. I have had my Millennium since Dec. I had a lot of trouble with tension when I first got it, but with help from Dawn I got it to work ok. However, I'm very nervous about changing types of threads. right now, I need to quilt a quilt with sew fine and I'm afraid to even start. The tension on this machine is more difficult to adjust than my HQ 16, smart bobbin or not, and it makes me very nervous to mess with it. Connie
  11. thanks for all the input. I did watch the 2 videos I got with the machine, I also read the manual. I knew I had to loosen the thread a lot, and tried that, tho I didn't loosen it all the way. I didn't rethread the machine when we got it, I just tied my thread on and pulled it thru, so I didn't change any of the original thread guides. I finally gave up and worked on an applique project. I was afraid I would loose it if the thread broke one more time. I'm glad this is a charity quilt! Hopefully, I will talk to someone at the company tomorrow and they can help.
  12. thanks, I'm using Signature thread, same on top and bobbin. Also, I have loosened the tension, but I'm good for about 10" and then the tread breaks. I will probably just wait until morning and call the company. It's so frustraiting and right now I'm thinking I wish I hadn't bought this machine.
  13. My dh figured it out. but now the top thread keeps breaking. As for the mannal and cd that came with the machine, nothing about how to make it go. I was really surprised. They missed the boat on that one. My old machine was very explicit on how to start, how to operate, etc. Anyway, thanks so much for the help. Now if I can just get the thread to quit breaking I may get this quilt done afterall. It's a charity quilt, don't you think that would spread some good carma and make this all work?
  14. now that I finally have the machine running, (dh figured it out). I do think this company could do better with their instruction mannual. However, now the thread is breaking. I've loosed the thread and did all that other nonsense. This is a brand new machine and right now I'm wishing I had my old machine back!
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