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  1. Since I use Glide thread almost exclusively, I've decided to de-stash some So-Fine #50. Still in their plastic wrappers, these 3,280 yd cones have been kept in an enclosed cabinet in a non-pet and non-smoking environment. Ideally, I'd like to sell them in one lot. $170 for all and I'll pay the shipping in the US. 3 - 401 Snow 2 - 402 Pearl 1 - 406 Toast 1 - 408 Silver 1 - 423 Straw 2 - 428 Copper 2 - 433 Your Highness 2 - 435 It's a Boy 2 - 448 Olive 1 - 470 Big Sky 1 - 524 Lorenzo Lavender 1 - 529 Chianti
  2. Laura, did you also check the bobbin case itself for a burr? Or try a brand new bobbin case? A rough spot on the interior of the case could catch your thread and break it. Just trying to help you find a solution....
  3. Is the tension spring working as it should? Does it move downward about two hours from its resting spot when you pull the top thread back from the needle? Meaning if the spring sits at 11oclock, it pulls down to nine oclock (or from ten down to eight, depending upon its starting position). I experienced similar top thread problems pooling on the bottom recently, and my spring had lost its sprung, and thus was not applying consistent tension with each stitch. A new spring solved my problem.
  4. Tracye, don't put it off, you will be glad when you have checked the timing on your machine. I was having the same problems you describe. I had a slight amount of hook shaft collar play ( very easy to fix, see Dawn's PDF file). That still did not correct my problems, so I "bit the bullet," watched the timing video and printed off the timing instructions. Piece of cake. Easy to do, a little time consuming, and you do have to contortion your body around and under the machine, but so worth it. I'm back to quilting being a joy that I look forward to every day! APQS instructions are the best.....easy to follow and accompanied by good pictures. Love my machine again! Thanks APQS, thanks Dawn!!!
  5. Thank you so much for finding this tip.....navigation is getting easier. And the little light gray arrow at the bottom of the page returns you to the top of the post.
  6. I took JoAnn's featherweight class and it was excellent. My featherweight just purrs now, and stitches so well. I'm no longer intimidated by all of the places to grease and oil this machine to keep it running properly. If you are in this area, please think about contacting her.
  7. For those of you who do not know JoAnn, she is a wonderful, warm and caring person who just happens to quilt beautifully. Well, truly her quilting is awesome. She has great technique, and is very willing to share her knowledge. You would have a blast with her. I bought my Freedom through her, so yeah, I'm likely a little biased, but I consider her to be my mentor and she's never let me down. P.S. Her studio is delightful.
  8. Beautiful bride, handsome groom. Congratulations to you both.
  9. You're welcome, Patti, glad I could help and it looks like you have your answer on your channel lock, too. I just have to say how great this forum is; I've learned so much from its wonderful members who so willingly share knowledge. I'm happy to have a chance to return just a small bit to it.
  10. If oiling doesn't stop the rattle, take a good look at your bobbin case. Has the springy thingy gone flat? You should have some "bounce" when you press against the bobbin in the case. Try a different bobbin case, or replace the springy thingy with another, or insert a Little Genie washer. (Ask me how I know this -- I frogged an entire bobbin because I didn't stop to investigate the rattle in my Freedom.)
  11. Doodlebug, you did a wonderful thing today. I hope those little guys make it.