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  1. Tin Lizzie longarm quilting machine for sale in Atlanta area. 10 foot wooden frame can be made shorter. Handlebars move to front or back for free motion quilting or using pantographs with the laser. Stitch regulator. Great starter machine at this price. $3500.
  2. Sharon, I did make the quilt in my avatar. It was a special request from my daughter.
  3. I got a Tin Lizzie 18 for Christmas and I made this quilt so I could practice this design which I found on a blog. It was fun.
  4. Finally got an avatar uploaded. Evidently the forum doesn't like Flickr. I got a webshots acct and now it works.
  5. Made it so small I can't even see it anymore. It still won't take. Do you think maybe it doesn't like Flickr?
  6. I downsized it to 120 x 100 and it still doesn't like it.
  7. I copied the address to the photo in my Flickr account and pasted it. It said I had updated but no avatar appeared.
  8. I have come up with a name for my n Lizzie. I have researched and come up with the name Clio. She is the mythological muse of history and her emblem is the scroll which is what the rollers look like. Also I would like to add a photo to my avatar. I went into the control panel and cannot find a place anywhere to upload one. Any help appreciated.
  9. I had mine out 6 years ago and had no surgery related problems. However for a couple of years had 'stomach trouble' about 5 days a week. Dr. said about 30% of people have problems processing bile and gave me cholesterol med that causes constipation. No problems since as long as I take it daily. Just a heads up so you won't wait around like I did. Good luck with surgery.
  10. I love your quilt. Congrats on your win.
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