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  1. Hi Janice, It is a 2010. I am located in Beamsville, Ontario, probably an hour or so from Ancaster. Lisa
  2. $8000. Very well maintained machine. I have quilted approximately 100 quilts with no issues. Included with the machine are manual/maintenance book, bobbin winder, ruler base, 45 bobbins and some prewound bobbins from Superior, 2 bobbin cases, oil, 11 packs of needles, 4 pantographs, quick zip system with 3 sets of zippers and a pattern grid. The frame is 12 feet. I am located in Ontario. If interested please contact me.
  3. I am feeling very frustrated about this problem. It seems to happen very rarely (once/row) that I get a single loop of top thread coming through to the back when quilting. It looks like my tension is fine, no eyelashes or loops otherwise. Does anyone have any advice as to what might be happening here? thanks
  4. Thanks for your suggestions. I was unsure where to start so i looked up a previous thread as well that suggested re-threading the machine as well as changing the needle. So i did both and it seemed to stop the looping. So nice to have advice from the experts! Thank you.
  5. Can anyone give me some insight as to why my tension seems perfectly fine on the front and for the most part looks fine on the back, however, once in a while the thread seems to loop on the back and go really loose for 1 or 2 stitches. Then it goes back to normal. I have adjusted and readjusted my tension, the thread is the same that I always use. The back is a bit stiff but that's all i can think of. HELP!
  6. Thanks for your help. I tried loosening the bobbin and that seemed to help. Also, i think that my top tension is a little too loose so I tightened that. Seems to be helping, I'll keep playing around with it but at least I know I'm on the right track. Thanks
  7. I am wondering if anyone can explain what the problem is that causes "eyelashes" on the back of the quilt in turns?? I have tried adjusting my tension but I'm not sure if that's the only thing going on here!
  8. Thanks for the advice. I did exactly as you had suggested and it worked like a charm. Finished the quilt and it looked great. So glad I have this forum with so many experienced quilters. Thanks again, Lisa
  9. I am very frustrated and wondering if anyone has had the same problem and could give me some insight..... I am working on a quilt for someone and the backing is fairly tight woven and stiff. It is 100% cotton. I have a brand new needle on my Lenni, when I started quilting I could hear the popping as I quilted and the machine sounds louder than usual. I think it would help to adjust the tension since I seem to be getting "eyelashes" on the front but I'm not sure which way to go and with what???? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!!
  10. Thanks to everyone for your advice. I do have a spool of Superior and I have been told it's the best metallic. I also find the extra little tips very helpful, I am prepared for any tension problems that may arise. Thank you so much, Lisa
  11. Does anyone have any advice for using metallic thread? I am new at long-arm quilting and am a little nervous about using it. It seems to be a bit stretchy.
  12. In the APQS machines for Canada, there is an extra fuse which is much smaller than the 3.14amp, there are 2 and one is 2amp and is near the motor at the back of the machine.The main one is 3.14amp. Amy had said that the second fuse could be the same size as the main (3.14amp) as long as it is still slow blow. That is what I ended up doing and it has worked, the machine has been running fine. The second fuse is in place in machines in Canada only due to CSA standards.
  13. If there are any Canadian quilters out there it would probably be helpful to know--if the "motor" fuse on your machine keeps breaking, you can go to a bigger fuse. Either a 2.5 or 3 amp fuse. It seems to have helped with the problem I was having but I also checked the flywheel for thread. That was what Amy had suggested and I have been quilting a little and it seems ok, so far! Thanks for everyone who helped me with this problem. Lisa
  14. Thanks Barb, I've already sent out an email to my rep and am going to call Amy in the morning. Thank goodness this is happening AFTER Christmas rush!! I'll keep posted what results Lisa