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  1. I also purchased a used machine for personal use. Can you say that APQS is the best!!! I have struggled as I've learned to use the machine. Dawn, Tony and Lorraine have been super-fantastic. Did I mention that I didn't buy this machine from them but privately? THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!! I am amazed at the excellent level of service that they provide to support their machine. A housecall when Tony was in Lancaster for the quilt show. WOW!!!
  2. My cat is front and center when you read the newspaper, work on the computer, or heaven forbid, get the sewing machine out. There have been any number of times that she's lucky her tail wasn't sewn into a quilt. I call her Quality Control - cause she is smokin over everything I'm doing to make sure it's done to her satisfaction!!! At times, she is beyond herself and takes swipes at the threads. Thank fully she is smart enough to stay away from the needle.
  3. We often say, "Doesn't hurt to ask. The worst they can say is, "No." " If she asked and you are not comfortable, then you say, "No." Often businesses and stores offer additional discounts etc, that they don't publish, so it can't hurt to ask. In this case, YOU donate to charity through your own quilts and your time to finish QoV; so if she chooses to donate to charity, SHE pays your bill and then donates the quilt. A lot of great examples here make it clear that her charity does not have to become your responsibility. And having worked in retail for a looooong time now, I know that the customer is not always right; As a business owner, you have the right to say No when something doesn't work for you. YOUR TIME AND WORK IS VALUABLE!!!
  4. I was having the same problem with trying to get my "new to me" 14 ft table and Millie home. Contact APQS and they can tell you how many boxes, and what they weigh as shipped by them. Obviously yours may not be the exact same as when packed by them, but it's a great thing to use to start with U-Ship or Fed Ex or UPS ground etc to get estimates.
  5. Mistake? Error? Oh, I thought you were using creative license!!! I love the fact that it's unique and you won't find another one like it. I like it this way. The switch adds new dimension and really is not obvious. It gives it a little zip and truly is just delightful and lovely. DON'T CHANGE A THING!! It's perfectly lovely. :cool:
  6. Machine head is already in box from factory after coming back from being serviced. And thanks again for everyone's wonderful insight and suggestions. :cool:
  7. I am in Lancaster Pennsylvania: machine is in Maine. GREAT IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS!!! Thank you so much. Planning on going up MLK weekend with a rental truck to haul back. APQS was wonderful for providing weights, length, number of pieces, etc, but suggested that I just have shipped, given cost of gas and the fact that it is a 600 + trip - one way. BUT THERE'S A STASH INVOLVED!!! Seller has a couple of Pfaff's that he's also trying to sell. Need I say more? Everyone has just been wonderful. National Truck/car Rental company had unlimited mileage on a 15 foot cutaway truck ?!?!?!?! Friend said she had horrible experience with them after I had already made reservations. House is 5 miles back a gravel road. So keep your fingers crossed for good weather, safe travels and wonderful time road tripping with my quilting mentor to pick up a 'new to me' Millie!
  8. Who did you use/How did you find a shipper to dis-assemble, package and ship your used machine?
  9. Someone sends FIVE?!?!?!! quilts to you when she doesn't know your work? Sounds like she's playing a scam. What a shame. In general, I find quilters to be some of the nicest, most honest folks to deal with. I work in a shop for one of the long arm quilters in PA. You have done all that you could. Keep your records and let it go. May you be blessed with a wonderful new year and appreciative clients!!!:cool: