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  1. I will be there too, as much as possible that week, and for sure on Saturday with my sister. Glad you all get to come- It's really fun! Maybe bring Tylenol too in case a weird and massive headache decides to descend upon you in the middle of a class.
  2. for some reason, I'm having trouble finding it. Just found it!
  3. I am so glad I am not the only one just finishing up- I will be sending my blocks in the mail tomorrow morning! I am really looking forward to our packages. Raechel
  4. I got my package in the mail! when we mail our blocks, how much do we send for return postage? Happy sewing!
  5. Bonnie, she's really cute! such happy colors too.
  6. I'll play! I would be glad to make pinwheels.
  7. Beautiful Quilt! Farmer's wife quilt is also on my bucket list . Marti Mitchell has free instructions that use her templates for many of the blocks. I think she has another session this summer of free instructions, you just have to be on the mailing list. I have been receiving them and they look very well written. That being said, I haven't started yet so I don't know how beginner friendly they are. I do have the templates already, but I would have bought them anyway, as I'd rather use those instead.
  8. i am a piler. I pile my threads on my shoulder, they stick very nicely & then I toss when I am finished
  9. Kristina, I would be glad to send fabric if you are still needing more. I'm not sure how to get your address, I've never done this before. Raechel
  10. quiltyrunner


    oohh, that's just terrible!
  11. oh, too funny! at least a bunch of babies didn't come jumping off her back! Raechel
  12. I have a bernina 430, it's about 7 years old, I absolutely love it. my favorite features are the needle up & down, thread cutters , and the knee lift. Raechel
  13. Linda R. , Thank you, thank you, thank you! It worked for me! Raechel
  14. Cheri, Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers, Raechel
  15. Thanks everyone! Sophie is almost 2 1/2, the youngest of 5 kids, and she is really wonderful! Even with tantrums and such. When she was a baby we called her cupcake because she just adds lots of sweetness to our family.
  16. I have the one from Joann's too and I have liked it. I also have mine in a corner plus it's on thick carpet, but If I were to build my dream room, I would upgrade.
  17. When I found Sophie, she said, "just like you!"
  18. <a href=" title="IMG_4205 by quiltyrunner, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5253/5505414962_6c84469e99_m.jpg" width="160" height="240" alt="IMG_4205" /></a>
  19. here is my youngest child playing. <a href=" title="IMG_4204 by quiltyrunner, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5013/5505413070_a12d35473d_m.jpg" width="160" height="240" alt="IMG_4204" /></a>
  20. My daughter really enjoyed reading this post too. She reminded me of some other things we've had names for, the most memorable being when I was a kid, our family named our cars. We had a red volkwagon van with black interior called Ladybug, a green VW van called jolly Green Giant, and a brown VW van we named Hershey Bar. My sister drove a bubble car "Silver Bullet", and currently we drive Dragonfly, our surburban.
  21. Mine are usually named after who I am giving the quilt to, how I was feeling, or where I was when I was piecing/quilting it.... "The warm quilt'', "the quilt i pieced in the rental house", "Wayne's special blankie" "the fast quilt" "the cool technique I just learned" "the sampler I started 5 years ago". A future quilt: "the Christmas applique my sister & I are going to make together...the one with lots of detail."