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  1. I had to move my clamp and to do so had to take the head off the table and turn it over. that's the only way to get to those screws......
  2. Well.... that depends. Does she want you to trim it? I had someone do one for me when I was between machines and I wish I had told her not to trim. She cut it too close for my liking. I return the quilt to the customer untrimmed all around. It's their fabric and batting......
  3. Awesome! I've done one, a small one, and loved the process.
  4. I just watched some videos on this with hankies. They make lovely pillows. Beautiful job!
  5. We wondered about my range of motion too but I couldn't move my neck before so this has got to be better! I am officially part cyborg.
  6. I won't be on my Millie for the next 9mnths at least. I had most of my neck fused. won't be doing much of anything for a while. Not allowed to pick up more than a coffee cup. I had the surgery on 1 June and have been on the recliner ever since. Have been wearing a neck brace from the beginning, 24/7. It's killing me having to do nothing! The healing is going well. Keep those quilt pictures coming, it's my only fix!
  7. It's called Time Warp. I made it bigger by adding 2 more yellows so I also needed more background fabric.
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