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  1. I am also looking for a George, is the above machine still available ??? Laurraine Duffield Saskatchewan, Canada
  2. Dawn is there any update on when the new APQS computerized system will be available ?
  3. Looks like we almost have things figured on with my order, Thanks for everyone's help and comments. My next question is what other books & tools do people suggest I look at purchasing to go along with the Millie. Thanks Laurraine
  4. On Feb 9, 2011, I put down a deposit on a machine. I have not been having that wonderful of and experience with the ordering process at APQS. 1. Corrupt order sitting there and nothing was done about it for two weeks until I called to see the status of my order as I had not receive status or my deposit had not been withdrawn from my cc. 2. A week later I get a call that the postal code that I gave was invalid and that the CC I gave was invalid. I gave the same information again for both CC and postal code and asked to sit on the line while they re entered the information to make sure th
  5. Does anyone know where I would find information on the new computerized system called Quilt Studio that APQS is suppose to be releasing- Found reference to it on the CompuQuilter site. Here is the referecen Attention APQS CompuQuilter Owners There seems to be some confusion regarding the release of a computerized system by APQS and the latest CompuQuilter software upgrade. APQS is planning to release a completely new computerized system called Quilt Studio. That system is not associated with CompuQuilter in any way. CompuQuilter is also planning to release an upgrade soon. CompuQuilter