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  1. Granted, my machine is very much older than yours, but I had this occurring and, in my case, it was from a little black rubber bushing or cover or something inside the left cover. I believe it was at the bottom of the hopping foot arm or rocker arm or something. Apqs sent me a replacement to install. Maybe its something like that?
  2. Fifteen yards of fabric - jackpot!! Congrats again!
  3. Cool! Have you received your prize package yet? Inquiring minds want to know - and see pics!
  4. Together we are all storming the heavens with prayers for you, Teresa!
  5. I think you've made an adorable quilt and quilting choices! So cute!
  6. Laura, this is just lovely! I love how you quilted with matching colors and how that took this beauty to a whole new level. And I'm really becoming more convinced that grays are very suitable for many backings, I would never have considered it to work so well with this green. So darn pretty!
  7. L2Q, don't be afraid of an older APQS machine. Many of us own older machines that didn't come with stitch regulation, and many have had aftermarket stitch regulation added on. You will still see these models out there for sale, but so many newer used models come in on trade and are available to get you going on the right track. Any time I have had any questions or concerns I've been able to get on here or call the company and get the answers or solutions I needed. If there is one thing for sure, it is that you will never be without help and comraderie. And you get the best of the best
  8. Congrats on knocking off your first wholecloth, and so many intricate designs you put in there! I love it! My eye caught one heart as I was looking at all your design elements and I thought, 'aww, how sentimental!' Then I found more Well done!
  9. Gerri, I am very interested in your table. I am coming out to AZ (Florence Gardens) the end of the first week of April. If not sold by then would it be available to look at? I will be calling you, also. Thanks!
  10. I'm maybe the only one just a bit confused, but are both machines set up on a single frame? Thanks, in advance, for your help.
  11. Teresa, do try going through vrbo, as stated above. We've used them to get a rental for a family vacation and it really was hassle free. And what we found was amazing compared to hotel staying. Enjoy your vaca!
  12. Your perfectly spaced crosshatching and echoing is amazing! Beautiful! Glad you're able to ease back in to your quilting!
  13. So creative in your quilting choices and such beautiful, even quilting. Although I'm not on much, I love to jump on and find ideas and solutions that others share so freely.
  14. Thanks, all, for the kind words and encouragement. I think I gave up in my mind quite some time ago, pain does that if you don't find a way to get around it. I just hope others who are struggling with their machines or don't think they have what it takes will keep trying one more thing and see if it helps. I'm not a prolific quilt top maker but the freedom free hand quilting gives does me good. I'm pretty sure that one day the Ulti I will be like the Singer Featherweight - only a whole lot bigger I, too, am glad it didn't sell!
  15. Stunning! I am floored by the amazing amount of realistic detail you have done! Just beautiful,
  16. Well, thank you all so much for your kind words. I've had my machine now for four years, and I'm almost ashamed to say it took us this long to just go ahead and try the table higher than recommended. What a difference, and I'm glad we did. It just goes to show that never be afraid to keep trying and not give up! Again, thanks so much!
  17. Mine is at 40 3/4". That was the highest we could get it with 3/8" wood pieces under each table leg. My arms are outwards a bit and rest on the bar when I quilt, and I have so much more comfort than I had when I had it at waist height where my elbows were level when arms were bent. It doesn't seem ergonomically right, but it works!
  18. This is SO adorable! I love your quilting choices - how do you ladies manage to hold your rulers to get that beautiful ruler work??? I fail where you excel! Lovely piece!
  19. Hi everyone! I've been off the forum for some time busy with many other things as well as trying to get my shoulders healed. Not so much on that, but we did some modifications on the way my table was set up, including raising it to very high waist level - basically midriff - and I think that has helped quite a bit. I can fully rest my arms on the belly bar now without any tension and that is so great! I would be interested in knowing how high others of you have yours, and if the height of mine is the odd man out. Anyway, I had advertised my machine, since using it caused so much extende
  20. Thank you for the update, Heidi. I just ran across the heart block pattern that was shared (I believe by you) for us to make the quilt for Elmer, and I had been wondering about her. God bless her and hold her tight as she continues to struggle with it all.
  21. Bonnie, I am so glad you finally have an answer!! Yay! Now you will really enjoy running around after grandkids! Seriously, though, I understand how misdiagnosed thyroid issues are. Last year this time hubby started having symptoms that eventually endocrinologist and bloodwork diagnosed thyroiditis. It's been a long year of appointments, etc, and now the levels are borderline hyperthyroid all over again. So here we go again, but at least he now has specialists that take it seriously.
  22. I've sent two emails in the past two months hoping to confirm Donita is still working with the extended base plate before ordering. No responses.
  23. Teresa, at weebly dot com you can set up a blog with the option of setting up store pages complete with checkout with PayPal (and there may be other payment options also). There is the free version of a weebly site that offers shopping pages or you can have more options and get the paid version. Weebly offers your own website services, blogging and store. Hope this helps.
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