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  1. Over the years my MIL and I had made quilts using home carded wool which was encased in cheesecloth. We tied the quilts rather than machine quilt them. The thing with the old fashioned, yet fully functional wool batts (which, by the way, carry a lanolin type smell because they aren't so processed like commercial ones), is that you don't machine wash them. They will shrink up like no other - we take them in to be cleaned when the cleaners run wool specials. I have two wool batts left just like that of this topic. When we would get the wool back from processing it was wrapped rolled up in brown paper, and then the casings were made and all put together. I've got one tied quilt left that we no longer use and that I always figured I'd untie and take apart to save the wool. MIL made it with a heavy flannel and the wool batt, and boy was it WARM! I'll try to post a picture when I get back home, and you'll see how nice they also are tied. But I'm guessing I'll be raising my hopping foot and putting them on the frame now that I see how well it long arms up.
  2. Bonnie, I think I got the idea of doing this from you. But when I bought some of your pantos you had for sale you had them sorted with a photocopy sheet of paper of the pattern and name - do you do that for customers, also? Like, in a binder? I really thought it was a neat way to organize them. Mine are stored upright in boxes divided with the wine bottle cardboard inserts/dividers. I keep getting good ideas here. I do like the Evernote idea!
  3. Teresa, this is just so pretty! I've got the panel with the Cancer phrases but haven't decided what to do with it yet. My dad died of complications of throat cancer, and I'm thinking the way you set these in is just great. So very pretty, indeed.
  4. What a lovely quilting space - and a machine to match! Congrats and enjoy your new machine. Your beginning doodling shows you well on your way!!
  5. I know this topic has been resting for a while, but today I got an email from fabrics-store.com with a 15% off sale on their white handkerchief weight linen (3.5 oz). I've ordered linen from them in the past and it's always been high quality and nice colors, and it washes just beautifully and becomes so soft. Just thought I'd add this to the topic in case anyone is looking for options.
  6. Mine will be anywhere between 310-325 for 10 seconds. Just love using the press with interfaced blocks
  7. Well, you are off to a wonderful start! Looks great!!
  8. I just found some fusible foam by Bosal. I've never heard of it but it's got a foam laminated to a brushed tricot side. It's called 'In-R-Foam' and it is fusible. It looks pretty thin so it shouldn't be an issue keeping your foot from moving freely, but you can raise the foot next time and see if that helps!
  9. I wonder about it being called fusible foam. Foam would melt if one tried to fuse it with an iron or press I would think? Could it have meant fusible fleece? Regardless, it isn't necessary to use fusible if you stitch your fleece or batting in place. As for your stitches being really small, if it was just two layers of fabric and your batting layer you shouldn't have an issue unless your batting layer was very thick and the foot couldn't move along freely or the foot is not one card's height. Normally the foot height is one business card thickness high and you can raise it a bit if you have really thick batting. Could there have been anything catching on a cord or the frame that was preventing the machine from moving smoothly? Hope you've figured it out, and that your bag came out ok in the end!
  10. So glad your hubby has done so well through the surgery! Thoughts and prayers for you all!
  11. She's a beauty, Linda! I love the accessory case. I have one of those that I picked up along the way but it was minus a machine Enjoy!
  12. This was just on our news yesterday. Praying you and your community are doing well and far enough out of harms way. Prayers for safety for the fire crews as well.
  13. Fantastic idea! Going to add to my (ever expanding) wish list!
  14. So glad it was caught before more damage was done. You'll all be in my thoughts and prayers, Dell.
  15. Continued thoughts and prayers for your hubby, you and your family, Dell.
  16. The I/S has to be installed by a trained technician as it completely replaces your original motor and wiring. They come and basically redo your machine with their wiring, electronics and motor and then re-time the machine to the I/S specs. You can go to www.intellistitch.com and find out about the system and the process of having it installed. Many of us with older machines have it installed and love it. Hope this helps you!
  17. Thanks, Dawn! I just got home, and after speaking with you also today I checked those other couple things out (the gold bushings in front of flywheel and the hook shaft collar tightness. They are fine,and on my machine there is only one gold washer but it moves freely. I did take the cover off the motor and removed the small black belt and the problem IS the motor. It is very coggy. It wasn't like this until recently so not sure what has happened. I will contact Zoltan and we'll figure this out. I'll still be keeping my date in July to bring her down to the factory regardless. It is time. Again, thanks for your help!
  18. Update: I just spoke with Brenda at the factory. Sounds like one or more bearings may be worn out and need replaced which are part of the flywheel and main shaft assembly. Luckily I finished the quilts for graduation gifts before this started acting up. So, Mabel will be tucked away until she goes to the factory for repairs in late July. She's due some lovin' so it's all good. While being pampered at the factory I'll just force myself to go visit the grandkids down that way. Very recently I noticed that when I go to move my flywheel that it doesn't move smoothly. It has a light jerk 26 times throughout a full rotation of the flywheel. I've taken the side cover off and can't see anything amiss, other than on my old Ulti I there is one oiling wick low-center point that doesn't reach anywhere (it's above the rocker arm assembly but doesn't reach that area.) Should it be oiling the rocker arm or? And would that cause my flywheel to be jerky moving? The oiling wicks at the top are oiling the area they're intended to, so I don't think it's an issue of lack of normal lubrication. One issue I'm having with this not moving smoothly is I can't use my basting stitch feature with my I/S because it will cause a jam if the stitch fires right when the tight/jerky spot is. Make sense? Anyone have any ideas what may be going on and if there is an area in the head I can grease that isn't visible? Or could something be warped? Or anyone know of a specific part that wears out that would need replacing? Thanks, in advance, for any assistance. I put a message in to APQS but have not heard back. So wondering if anyone here has had this issue and what was done?
  19. Oh, Dell, I sure hope your husband is doing well today and that the doctors figure out what is going on. That had to have been so scary for everyone, but especially you and he! You are in my thoughts!
  20. Yay! Congratulations on the new addition to your home and family!! Post pics when your Freddie is all tucked in!!
  21. Adorable! And you say you're rusty?? I think it turned out lovely, and I'm sure we'll loved. I love the embroidered designs you gals can do!
  22. I, too, think her creative use of block placement makes this just an adorable quilt. I do bet you feel honored to have quilted this for her - and what complimentary quilting you choose, so pretty!