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  1. Bonnie, OMGoodnessedness!!! I was worrying about charging her $40! Dear me, what to do!
  2. Gable, that is exactly how I felt. I hope you do get your D level tested. At least you could rule it out if it is within normal range. My doctor says generally a higher percentage of the population is deficient in D than are sufficient in it. Also, make sure you are taking supplements that gets you to 2000 iu daily of vitamin D. For me, I take my regular vitamin with D in it, and I still became deficient again. So, I'll have to up my daily amount once I'm over this month long saturation dose.
  3. I am hemming a wedding dress that has a heavy satin outer layer with a stiff scrim along the edge of the hem to stiffen it. Then there is a thicker tafetta layer that the scrimmed outer hem is also stitched to. THEN there is the built in ruffled crinoline and finally a lighter tafetta inner layer which is against the body. It is from David's Bridal, so not sure if they are using a different supplier or if this is a new hem style. I've done numerous wedding dress hems, but this one is constructed so differently. How would you charge for this hem job? By the layer, by the running inch?? Suck it up and charge a simple flat fee? I feel I'm going to be putting quite a bit more time in and not going to be able to get what it's worth. Just curious what any one thinks. I'm on to layer three now...
  4. Sure wished I was next door to you, Jim. I would love to see what you've come up with! Pictures?
  5. Cool, Jim! Now can you design that for my 22+ year old Ulti I on metal frame? lol, enjoy!!
  6. Mizz Linda Steller, which Samsung tablet do you nave and what size is it? One of my daughters just got a 7" one, but I'm wondering if that is big enough to do drawing?
  7. Sorry I didn't see your question back to me, Vicki. My tablet was the Wacom bamboo tablet. The problem I had, after having stored it for a year or more, was that the pen would no longer recognize the tablet or vise versa. I hope to get a new one as I understand this issue has been addressed in newer models. I loved to use it with CorelDraw, but I do get by with the pen mode in Corel.
  8. Vicki, I believe there are programs that you can do that specifically for quilting, but I use my CorelDraw program. I am proficient in it because of the other type of work I do, so I can import a .jpg or .bmp image and draw right over it. I draw a box around the outline of the quilt, and then continue drawing lines around blocks or sashings to separate them out. This makes my drawing actual size. Then I freehand my designs within the blocks (this is where a bamboo tablet can really come in handy; however, I am really used to the pen feature of the program so that's what I use. Once I am done, I can separate out the block elements, and print them out at full size for reference if need be. I did have a bamboo that I used briefly briefly and then stored it. When I went to use it again it would not work. After researching the problem, it seems it is not uncommon for this to happen after being left sitting for a long time.
  9. Oh, so lucky you, Tracey!!! A new millie - that is fabulous, and enjoy her for years and years to come! I have leader grips and use them exclusively. I'm thinking about also putting on zippers because there are times I think taking off a quilt and putting it back on would be easier and more accurate with zippers. I've been kind of watching people's posts that refer to this subject. Someday soon I'll make up my mind!
  10. I recently had my blood drawn, and my vitamin D was again very low, at 9. This is the second time in a year that I've become very deficient. So today I picked up the prescription 50,000 iu Vit. D to take 3x a week for a month and then will be retested again. I work outside alot so I get lots of sun so it isn't that. My doc says as we age it becomes harder for our body to utilitize it as well as when younger. Both times I've been deficient I felt something wasn't right because I was so darn tired and drained all the time. Btw, I don't have fibromyalgia, but I have had two back surgeries, do have arthritis and some stenosis. I hurt from this most all the time. But once I got my vitamin D levels back up there I actually had more energy and stamina to deal with my pain. Once I get this treatment done I'm sure it'll be like last time and I'll feel so much better! Being low in D really does affect how you feel and move around. If you haven't had it tested, I recommend it be done, even if you think you drink enough milk and get enough sunlight.
  11. I haven't been on for a bit, so missed this. So glad to your hubby is doing this well! Best wishes for his continued speedy healing. Sad to hear about your son's dog also. Take care!
  12. that's just so pretty...... I love how your echo quilting around the flowers and leaves (in the floral and fan block) perfectly blended with the filler stitching. It almost looks like the embroidery was done to fill the quilting! The whole quilt and quilting is beautiful!
  13. Thinking about you, Elmer, and your family, Cheri. So nice to see the lovely picture of the three of you. Friendship and prayers your way ((Hugs))
  14. Debbie, I used to work in a correctional facility as an officer and then supervisor. Before the new facility was put in, and therefore, a more secure phone system, inmates could dial there own calls once a week at specific times. Because we posted that calls are always subject to monitoring at any time, we were able to do so if we suspected issues. I noticed that one inmate's calling pattern seems odd and drawn out, so I started actively monitoring his calls. The schiester would call a friend, who then put him on hold while the person the inmate called would dial a third (completely uninvolved and unsuspecting) person as a collect call, initiating a type of conference call scam. Number two and number three visited as a normal collect call, then #2 said goodbye to #3 and number 3 (unsuspecting victim) hung up. Mind you, #3 never knew that the inmate, #1, was on the line just to keep it open. The first two would then have an open line from on the third callers line, and the inmate would continue making calls off the unsuspecting victim's line. It was a scam that left the innocent third person paying for the calls. This evidence was used to prosecute the inmate and accomplice, and there had been numerous of these calls costing hundreds of dollars on the victim. After this experience, I've always told people NEVER accept collect calls from someone you wouldn't give your physically beating heart to! Thank goodness most everyone has cell phones to use in case of an emergency now.
  15. Aww, congratulations, grandma! Cade is absolutely adorable!
  16. Sadie looks like she has found her forever home, and she is a beauty! Congrats to you all!
  17. That's what I was thinking! Hope your elbow starts feeling better!
  18. Kristina, will keep you in my prayers tonight that this fire maintains distance from your home. Is it still active and growing? Keep safe!
  19. Vicki, so glad you finally got power back. I can't imagine not having electricity in this heat that so most of the country is experiencing. (I better start knocking on wood, because we don't see much relief through the next week, either.) Did you have storm damage at your home? Saw so many pictures of damage your way, scary! Take care of yourself and keep cool!
  20. Beautiful baby quilt, and the back of the quilt is a beautiful wholecloth design!!
  21. Thank you! I so look forward to seeing, and interacting in, your new site!
  22. Fabulous! Enter it somewhere else, it is beautiful!
  23. Wow, your group did wonderful on this! Can you tell me, where I see the valor and honor words stitched within the quilting, if that is part of your board or stitched beforehand?