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  1. Sorry to hear you've had such a rough last month but sure glad you are feeling much better. Hope you're as good as new quickly!
  2. I really like your log cabin design set in the farming fabric, and awesome use of creative designs, Terry! All this leads to more creative uses of designs which just keeps us learning more!
  3. Oh, Terry, that is such a bright beautiful quilt you've sewn! And your quilting looks great! I like the different designs you've chosen and that you followed them right around corners, as well. That's what still gets me sometimes, how to address corners. Well done!
  4. Very neat design and colors, and your quilting is perfect for the design!
  5. I'm starting to consider flipping the direction of my machine (back of machine to the front of the room) so I can use this for some of my intricate drawing stitching. Not necessarily for pantos since I do better with my whole body moving along with one hand on a handle and the other guiding along holding the back of the machine. But I'm really getting to thinking a saddle stool and this handle set up may be an awful nice investment for thread painting work, too!
  6. Val, I also have the GO and although I have to press down on the "roller" part of the head while turning the handle to make sure it stays in place it cuts cleanly and accurately. I find more layers helps also. So I usually pick some extra coordinating fabrics and cut extra pieces for stash. I love my strip cutter dies so much! Also, Sue mentioned that Accuquilt will no longer allow resellers to mark down or 'sale' their products - pooo! I have always waited for Hancocks 50% off sales and purchased dies then. JoAnn stores won't 'sale' them out at that % so I always used Hancocks. Now I'll
  7. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! Such a beautiful and touching quilt you have made for them! I agree that feathers would look wonderful. How about just freehand drawing flowing lines, with some branches, around the quilt and then feathering them for allover meandering feathers. There's been directions given here on the forum for them in the past and you could locate it by searching, I think. Again, congrats and would love to see the finished quilt!
  8. You upgraded to an APQS?? Yay! Oh, nevermind. I wondered why you were selling, but I see you're moving. Maybe you'd have better luck listing on the Innova site?
  9. That's an awful good price for a machine barely two years old. Buyer should gladly pay shipping for this price.
  10. What a cute little quilt! I'm sure the recipient is going to love it!
  11. Thanks for adding to what I said. It does clarify the space issue when you mention using a stool. I don't own a saddle stool. If I felt sitting, using handles, wouldn't interfere with my rhythm I would probably make the double investment of both seat and your handle system. It looks like you've found the microdrive solution for yhe back of the machine, but I go much faster doing pantos than that. Im positive this is going to be great for many, just not me! Congrats on the rollout and continued success!
  12. Looks interesting, but when I do pantos from the back I am moving right along. I think, in my case, sitting would mess up my mojo once I do get going, having to stop and move my chair to continue on. Plus - not sure about others - but to make the most space of my room my table is set up with not a lot more than standing room behind it. There's no room for a chair to be moved around, and I don't have that extra space to give up in the room.
  13. Congratulations to you and your customer!! Beautiful!
  14. May I be the first to welcome you, Tammy!! You will fall in love with Lucey! While waiting for your class just go ahead and start practicing. Then when you get to the class you will be comfortable at the handles and ready to soak it all in. Load some cheap fabric or muslin and just start moving around. I have never used Metro but there are those here who do. I truly like Glide and so does my Mabel. She uses other threads with adjustments and sews with them nicely as well. Hopefully someone who uses Metro will chime in for you. Again, welcome to the APQS family and have fun!!
  15. Linda Steller is featured at mqresource.com as their 'Quilt of the Week' for 4/22/14 - way to go, Linda!!
  16. Oh, dear, you should know one of us would jump on here and urge you to add an APQS machine to your family! You cannot beat the high quality of these machines and they are hand crafted here in Iowa. You should make a trip to Des Moines to see the machines, and then you can also test them out. Those of us who own older APQS machines are a testament to the longevity of these machines - and most who upgrade continue with an APQS model. I urge you to come try one out! Otherwise, maybe you would have greater success in finding an Innova machine on the Innova website and blog?
  17. Great news for you! You'll find other uses for your heat press also, such as prepping applique pieces, transfers, etc. Doing several pieces at one time with the same time and pressure helps with accuracy for me because with a regular iron I think I tend to get too heavy handed. Although my press was purchased mostly for my dye sub work it's also used as much for my sewing and quilting projects. Enjoy yours!
  18. You gals are just so darn sweet and so helpful to each other - awesome!
  19. I hoping and planning on coming down also, and I, too, am excited to meet everyone! Our DD and family live in Granger so hoping I can come down a day or two early and love up the grandkids, too! I'm willing to do whatever you need help with, and will keep watching this topic for more info! Yay!
  20. You just did (get the word out)! Can you please put a list of the pantos that you have for sale here on the forum? I would be interested in some if I don't already have them. Post what they are and what you want for them and we'll come a calling! Thanks!
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