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  1. Linda, I caught a darn summer cold so I won't be able to go visit the twins in their new cammo. As soon as I can I'll be getting pictures, for sure! But here's a pic of them - little Elijah is a redhead (we've been waiting and waiting - and waiting - for another redhead in our family! )
  2. I don't think I missed this, but does this have batting in it, and if so what kind? I love the combination of fabrics used, that is one heavy duty quilt!
  3. I very recently became an aunt again to twins - a boy and a girl! They weighed in both just under 5 pounds and perfectly healthy. Their daddy is a big hunter, so I made these little diaper covers for babes. I had to cut the pattern down as I could not find a preemie size, and then still had to make them again because the leg openings were so small (Simplicity pattern). These were fun to make for a change of pace, and now I'm doing a panto on a small quilt for the babies older sister so she has a gift, too.
  4. Will be sending prayers your way! Wishing your mother the best and a speedy recovery as well!!
  5. And I just want to add that I'm really glad you and your family are ok after this fire creating havoc on your lives. My thoughts are with you as you go through the tough job of this cleanup. I've had to do flood cleanup several time over the years and wish no natural disasters on anyone. Take care through this process.
  6. So glad to hear your house was spared - these wild fires are crazy this year! As for the soot, I will defer to the experts you are working with, I have no experience to fall back on. About the smoke: one of my daughters works in hotel management and when a customer would smoke in an area not allowed they would run an ionizer for several hours. They would close up the area, let it run, and not allow anyone in while it was doing its thing (due to the oxygen thing going on). They would open the area up and the smoke smell would be gone. That is probably one of the processes the professionals will use for the smoke odor, but it wouldn't hurt to purchase a small unit to keep on hand for residual smells.
  7. Just letting you know I'm thinking of you, Elmer and your family. Happy Father's Day to Elmer!
  8. I wondered about that, too. oh, well, always worth trying
  9. reference my previous post - polarization may be opposite than needed (doing this) so that wouldn't work..... gggrrr, I hate it when my brain won't stop!
  10. Hi Kelly, I am not in need of another sewing machine (you only have three??? :P) but I wanted to let you know I noticed you show how to add boarders to quilts on your website. Maybe change that to borders because I don't think your table can support too many boarders!!! Ok, sorry, I just had to
  11. Ok, don't call me crazy - but whenever someone ponders an unknown my mind starts cranking ideas. What about taking the adhesive backed magnetic stripping (comes in different widths) and sticking a piece, cut to size, to the inside of a regular bobbin (around the post of the bobbin, NOT the case). You would want it to be the full width of the post, but not beyond, so when you wind thread on the thread doesn't get stuck. Would that provide enough magnetism? I know - just a crazy idea to throw out there, Susan, because you want something refillable, but I too haven't heard of a commercially available refillable one. I personally love magna glide bobbins, but I do also wind my own and use the backlash spring and have no issues.
  12. I am so sorry for your family's loss. Prayers being said on your behalf for peace and comfort.
  13. Cheri, I don't know you like so many of your 'family' here, but do know you and Elmer are in my prayers for peace, strength, and acceptance of God's will as you navigate this difficult chapter of your relationship and life. I am so sorry that the prognosis is as it is, and I send thoughts of comfort and love your way.
  14. Elaine, I'm really glad I could offer even a titch of help. When I bought my older machine used (from a private party) it came with no instruction manual or anything, and I didn't know about this forum. I watched Matt's videos over and over (manquilter) and learned an awful lot. APQS has informative videos on there that will give you ideas, pointers, and hints also. And just like you've done, when you're stumped, asked this forum - someone will have an answer that 'clicks' for you. Once you are not so overwhelmed with all the new processes to learn, then go to YouTube and put in long arm quilting, and you will be surprised how many videos are on there. I found myself overwhelmed by them at the beginning, though, and quit watching them until I was more comfortable with my machine.
  15. This is what I did to help me remember. I numbered my rollers on the ends looking at them from the front of the machine: #1 - backing bottom (bar against your 'Belly') #2 - Quilt top bottom #3 - Leveler (no leaders on it, lays on top of the three layers of the quilt sandwich to keep it level to machine) #4 - top of backing, then batting, then quilt top Now, from the front of the machine, looking at the rollers: I attach my backing bottom first to #1 (the bar closest to my belly), bring the top of my backing under #2 and #3 bars and attach it to the #4 bar. Then I lay my batting on my backing, and bring under bars #3 and #2, smooth out and then baste it to the backing. Finally I lay my top out the same way as I did my batting and baste it to the back and batting sandwich (I float my quilt top, meaning I do not attach the bottom of it to the #2 bar. If you do attach yours to the #2 bar you would do that and then attach the top of it to the #4 bar. Tighten it up so you can still lightly see your machine moving underneath the sandwich, and you are ready to go. (And don't fret if you struggle, like the others are saying - it will come. Some days we all mess up, in fact, the quilt I have on right now I loaded all three layers OVER my leveler bar and didn't catch it until I went to tighten the sandwich up..... we all have days!:o:D
  16. Wow! You did a beautiful job on that! I wonder if that stitching stayed as decent as it did (holding together) because she didn't trim it? I mean, I would have thought with washing and everything it would have frayed apart if it had been trimmed to 1/4"? Anyway, I can only imagine how happy she was, knowing what it looked like when she handed it to you!
  17. That quilt is sure pretty, and your quilting is beautiful. It sure is fitting to the quilt.