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  1. Prayers for a quick return of health, Bekah ((hugs)). Thank you for your honesty and your advise.
  2. The wheels on the front are in the same place, the back wheels are just located on the axle instead of the carriage (with the axle being mounted on the carriage where the wheels were on the old carriage). There is no difference in the distance between the front and back wheels. Hope that makes sense.
  3. Here's the back of the carriage on my Ulti I. The back axle makes a huge difference in stability of the head. I can't get two pictures on at the same time so I didn't get a pic posted here of the adjusting nuts on the front wheel mounts. The only thing we had to change was drill and tap a screw hole on the front of the carriage where the wiring mount is for our Intellistitch for the wheel that rides on the table rail.
  4. That's really cool! Love all those fillers - I'm storing it for reference!
  5. Neat idea, that panto! The quilt is so darn pretty, and so is your quilting!
  6. To use it as batting, would it work to keep it inside its soft, loosely woven gauzy covering with the zipper removed? Could that be its 'bonding'? (Right now this goes inside a tightly woven zipped covering not shown in the pictures.) Or would I need to separate it from its covering? I can only imagine it would be a pita to separate and control it as it gets stuck all over my fingers when I touch it (course they're rough from gardening right now:D ). Debbie, that is exactly how this silk handles. Did you wash the vest you made by hand or machine? I'm trying to figure out how I can re-
  7. Linda and Madelyn, I had not thought about using this for artistic means at all. Also, the duvet idea is very good as long as it wouldn't be too hot to use after stitching it down. I think I'll try that, however, and then if it's too warm I'll just offer it in chunks to be used for dying, etc. Thanks for the ideas!
  8. I just checked one other site, and it says silk filling cannot be washed. I really am hoping I can do something with it because it was so expensive, but now not sure. Still hoping someone has an idea!
  9. I have a mattress topper that has silk batting/filling that I've taken in and had professionally cleaned and now storing. It's too warm for us. I'm wondering if I can use this filling for trapunto work or even as an extra layer of batting, or even batting alone. It is not bonded and is inside a zipped very lightweight, loose woven covering which was inside another cover. Does anyone know how well silk washes up? The directions on the tag said to dry clean, which I did, but I'm wondering if that is because of its size and it being non-bonded. I've heard of silk batting but have no experienc
  10. How about squaring up leaders - is that something that you could address? I know we don't have to do it often, but if they are un-square, it makes quilting a real pita. I've done it a couple times but I still don't know that I have it correct.
  11. I, too, am looking for table rails left over after someone has done the Bliss install located in the northern half of IA, southern half of MN or western half of WI. I want them to make an under table shelf, plus another free standing shelf with the table legs I have left over from updating my table a while ago. I will pay aluminum scrap poundage price and will pick them up. Hoping there are one or two sets in my area available. Can anyone help me out? Thanks! :)
  12. Sheri, I didn't know that she was the only one who sells them, and I sure didn't mean to sound condescending in any way. Like I said, I have always had good responses and shipping times, and possibly there was a valid reason for the delay. It should probably be stated on their website that Ruler Mates are semi-custom items and therefore, will be delayed X amount of days. At least a customer would know then. But I'm glad yours is on its way to you!
  13. Linda beat me to it - what is the Innova wiki site? I know what Innova is, but what is the wiki part? I can't seem to find it.
  14. Carol, Because there may be extenuating circumstances that caused a delay and not the norm. No business or owner names were mentioned in this post, so let's not assume all transactions are this way from wherever Sheri ordered it from. I've ordered from a lady who sells the RulerMate (lovetoquilt dot com), and I've had very good experiences and delivery times. I may have hit quiet times every time I ordered - or others hit really busy times. Maybe the RulerMate for the APQS machine was not in inventory or backordered, but then Sheri should be notified (but we don't know if this is the proble
  15. Donita Reeves (Lakeside Quilting) is a distributor for Wonderfil threads. Go to www.lovetoquilt.com I've purchased a few items from her and have had good luck and good shipping times. I'm going to be trying the Invisifil, also, especially after seeing reviews here.
  16. Barb, Mine is 1989 or 1990 Ulti I and I had the Intellistitch added this past winter. They came and did it all one afternoon, and I was not charged for travel expenses because I was willing to wait until they had another install in my area. I only really had to wait an extra three weeks so it was well worth it. The cost was $2950. It works very well, and highly recommend it for those of us whose machines cannot be stitch regulated through APQS.
  17. How wonderful that it worked out this way! You sure did an awesome job on this whole endeavor!
  18. Bonnie, I did get it - thanks! Now to challenge myself and get the parts together!