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  1. Queenie, I don't know if this will be relevant for you, but it works for me. I was having lots of trouble getting my pictures sized down to this forum's requirements (either ended up large and pixelly or too small to really see much). I found that by using my cell phone camera set at the lowest resolution (640x384) and then downloading them to my computer they go through perfect and large sized for viewing here. Maybe this can work for you!
  2. Awesome, Dell! They look like a couple of nice young men!
  3. Funny! I just thought of this post this morning and had to look it up to show my DH. The reason is because DH woke me this morning asking me if I could hear some low whistling sounds. I did, but didn't know what it was from. We started looking around and found what was doing it. These stainless steel thermos' were setting on the counter after getting home late last night from a family outing and the breeze was passing over them. Seems they are musical, too!
  4. Aww, she looks like she loved her party, and that cake was way too cute!! She is a doll!
  5. That's a neat site, Rita - thanks! There are some heart-warming stories there. The quilt does show on the home page by going to www.lostquilt.com without any other info.
  6. The Lord strengthen you and give you peace in this difficult time. My heart goes out to you, Elmer and you family in loving compassion and prayers for healing.
  7. That is awesome! Our granddaughter is spending the night tonight so I had her come out and watch it (she is in a dance group) and she just LOVED it!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!
  8. Jacque, If you can afford a new machine with stitch regulation GO FOR IT! Otherwise, you could check and see if you could have Intellistitch added on to your machine (http://www.intellistitch.com and fill out their inquiry form for an answer). I added it to my Ulti I as I wanted stitch regulation but couldn't afford a new machine. I love my older machine that much more after having added it.
  9. http://www.connectingthreads.com has Hobbs on sale plus free shipping with order over $50 (possibly $60), I believe. That's where I ordered my last bunch of batting from.
  10. Oh, I so wished I had the positive results from Dansko and Keen brands like some of you do. I've tried so many different brands due to previous back surgeries and wide feet. The Danskos make my back feel like I'm standing on solid cement and the Keens cut into my toes :( Crocs are the most comfortable but they don't have the support I need. I am envious of you ladies who have found a brand and style that you love - I'll keep trying! But seeing this post gives me hope that one of the other brands mentioned may be a keeper for me!
  11. Beautiful! Your labor of love will not go unnoticed by your dear aunt!
  12. My heartfelt sympathy goes to you and your family. I can only imagine that your Dad feels that way. May you all be find comfort, laughter and tears through your beautiful memories of your grandma.
  13. How heartwarming! And you quilts are just beautiful!!!
  14. Here's a picture of mine with the micro drive handles on. I attached mine right up against the body of the machine on the needle and foot bars (hope I said that right.)
  15. Prayers for your son, and prayers for comfort and peace for you all. I know how hard it is to have a child overseas in the military and not be able to do anything to help them other than comforting words. Hopefully his CT scan will come out well. Take care.
  16. Thanks, all. I did get the pattern from Linda S., and have started cutting pieces. I appreciate the help!
  17. The combo of geometric and softer feathers is stunning on this quilt! It is a finished beauty!
  18. I have a quilt kit with South Seas fabric from the Autumn Sky line. I cannot find the pattern that goes with my fabric kit. I think it was called Autumn Visitors (possibly by Michelle Mara?), and I recall it is throw size. There are wildlife (deer, bear, etc) on one of the fabrics and coordinating prints. I originally purchased it from our local quilt shop, so I called them, and they don't have directions anymore, and I've searched online to no avail. Would anybody here have made this throw and have directions left yet? Any help you can give me will be so appreciated!
  19. Sweet news on the Millie - enjoy and have a blast getting to know her!
  20. They are just precious, Heidi! How fun to spend vacation time with grandkids!
  21. Where did you get the LED lights with brighter and dimmer ones? I sure like the looks of this, and for me I would consider using the pvc pipe sides permanently. I'm the only one that sees it anyway!