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  1. Love, love this design! And you quilting is beautiful!
  2. How sweet is this! Your new little ones are sure blessed to have such caring parents! Our cocker spaniels are from a local shelter, and we couldn't have found better buddies!
  3. Ardelle, Love your blog! However, when I went to your store site (qfth dot ca) and clicked on your link for your new online store it takes one directly to apple dot com. Just thought you may want to know the link is not working. But I love you and Roger's work - amazing! My husband and I got out of milking 3 years ago but he decided to continue milking for someone else.... He helps me willingly when I ask for his help but he won't sit down to a machine... and it's not that I don't have a free one for him to use :P:P Love your work!!
  4. Oh, Linda, you crack me up! I spent time last weekend on eBay looking for Bernina ideas, even watched one till it ended, and came away empty handed. I have a Janome that works wonderful for me, so not sure why I was considering a Bernina other than the number of you here that have and love them. You all know you are a persuasive bunch, don't you? :P:P
  5. I think the classes started today but the show starts tomorrow so maybe they haven't posted results yet? I've checked around, too, and hadn't found anything yet.
  6. Judy, That is beautiful! I am sure that is going to sell a lot of tickets, and add me to that tally! U2U me with your address with ticket costs and I would like to send a donation for tickets for the kids' trip. My children had done this when they were still at home and they were wonderful service experiences for them.
  7. A beauty of a quilt! Your quilting really does enhance her designs - super neat to see this connection and the end results!
  8. unfortunately, this machine does not have a needle positioner, therefore you cannot add an IQ to it. It could be sent to the factory to have a needle positioner installed, then you could add IQ. Just sayin' here, when I checked in at Des Moines about bringing my machine in for upgrades such as this on my Ulti I (before I had Intellistitch added on) I was told they no longer were doing that. Possibly because they are only doing this for the green machines they sell? I don't know, but I would sure check into whether they would upgrade with a needle positioner on this if you are a potential
  9. Hi Sue, My Ultimate I has a serial number in the later 200's. It is from around 1990. The records were not computerized at that time, and when they did get records computerized our earlier ones were not entered. If you knew the name of the original owner they possibly can find maintenance records under that name, according to my experiences down in DM when they checked on this for my machine. My real question is this, though - if the machine was recently serviced and they told you a resale value of $3500, why would anyone be questioning that? Age is not the issue with these machines, it is
  10. Welcome, Sandra! I've learned so much from having all these pros here on the forum to answer my questions as well as answer questions I've had but not posted. You will too! Enjoy your Millie, and I can't wait to see pictures (I haven't gotten brave enough to post pics of my quilts yet - I'm fairly new to this also!)
  11. awwwww, she sure is a cutie. And I also think she has your eyes and facial shape. She is just adorable, and I know just how precious these little granddaughters are to us!
  12. Prayers for your mom, and also for you and your family. Hope all goes super smooth and she feels much better afterwards...
  13. Kay, Thank you for sharing - your original post was just so timely, and informative, for me! I was already looking in to getting the Inktense pencils, and I see Dick Blick has sets up to 72 (plus each separately) for really decent prices. I think that's where I'm going to get some and try. Again, I really appreciate your sharing your results with this medium!
  14. Corey, that is very pretty - I love the colors and mix of patterns. Someone is going to be very happy with their new quilt!
  15. Oh, how neat! I have been researching the best technique for fabric coloring and had decided to purchase the Inktense pencils, but now you mention india ink? Can you tell me the brand, or where you got what you use so I may do some more research? I love to do white and light wholecloths, and I've been thinking that I would love to try adding color in after my quilting. Love what you did!!
  16. Wow, I'm havin' to pick my chin up and wipe my drool - this quilt is beautiful, and your quilting is gorgeous! I pray it went well so the piecer was able to make it to see her finished masterpiece.
  17. Congrats, Doodlebug! Post pics - I learn so much about color, placement and quilting from all you pro's pictures!
  18. What an awesome quilt, Dell! Love how you made it with the front and back designs. Sending you a U2U.
  19. I get people hinting (broadly) that they would just LOVE to have me make them a quilt for them, their friend, their child, their spouse, etc. I've gotten to where I say, 'That would be so fun to do! Why don't you stop over some time and we'll sit down and we can look at some books and you can decide what you like. Then I'll be able to show you what you need to purchase for your supplies. And if you need a sewing machine to put it together I would love to have company - you can sew it here. Once you've finished the top we'll sit down together and go over what type of quilting you would like an
  20. There are 15 foot computer cords on eBay for $9-$11, and also 25 foot ones - if this is the type of cord you're talking about. These are 15 amp computer/printer power cords.
  21. Thanks Dancing Bear for bringing this to my atttention via Pat! This was really neat!
  22. That is absolutely wonderful news, Lucy! I bet you feel like you had a ton of weight taken off your heart!
  23. That's awesome, Bonnie! How fun it would be to have a sister to quilt with!!
  24. Prayers and ((hugs)) your way, Jeanne, for your whole family. God bless you all.