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  1. Connie, (((Hugs))) to you as you help work through this incident. I was a law enforcement, fire and ems dispatcher for many years so I understand how all-consuming something like this can be. Take care of yourself as well, ok, and I look forward to hearing from you here on the forum soon.
  2. How wonderful on the news of your upcoming Lucey ownership! Are you blissing her also? You'll have to let me know how you like Lucey once you get her up and going as I'm hoping to eventually upgrade to Lucey also. Congrats!
  3. Lucy, I will keep you in my prayers and hoping the test results do, indeed, show this being benign. Bless you.
  4. How exciting!! I don't think I'd be able to go away and wait to set it all set up! Enjoy!
  5. Pat, Yep, you sure can take care of it yourself. In fact, the owners manual has EVERYTHING in it, they don't hold back on anything. You need to remember that these machines are out on the ocean, on the boats with their owners, so they have to be able to fix any issues that come up. I've timed mine and changed out my reverse feed to the optional stop setup. Sailrite also has videos on their website to show you how to do things as well. One note on your posting here: The binding attachments they offer work on quilts, I've done it, one just needs to remember that these machines are not super
  6. Hi, I just wanted to let you know I bought my Ultimate I machine used and have since then added the Intellistitch ($2950.00) and upgraded my table with newer legs that Dawn found me at the factory. My machine is is from 1989 or 1990, not sure because they don't have records back from then )) and my Mona runs just perfect. So age may not be as much an issue as how it was taken care of, and of course, the quality of the brand you try out. I wish you the best finding your new (to you) machine.
  7. Hi Shanna, I own a Sailrite walking foot machine that I use to make and bind bags and soft luggage (as well as hemming denim, put in coat zippers, etc). My brother owns the same model as me and he has made upholstery items that he bound as well. I have a couple sizes of swing away binding attachments that I use. It is a solid metal machine designed for making sails and other heavy items, and it isn't sexy looking in any way, but I tell ya, I can bind anything with it. The Sailrite's don't go very fast but they sews beautifully. I have the model that also does zig-zag (LSZ-1 model), bu
  8. That is so awesome - that would take me 3 days to finish ;o)!
  9. I will take it if not sold already!!! Either shipping will work for me. I actually could paypal payment or send check, whichever. I am messaging you! Thanks!
  10. Thanks, Heidi - I appreciate your getting back to me. Using a microfiber cloth for removal makes sense, I just hadn't thought about that. You gave me the info I was looking for, so again - thanks! My mom has one surgery down, but there will be another one. She is doing well after #1 which is wonderful!
  11. I believe I've seen on here that Heidi uses regular chalk to mark on her tops. Heidi, is there any fabrics you have any issues with removing it after done stitching, or does it bounce off on its own from any fabric by the time you are done stitching? And what about colored regular chalk for lighter fabrics? Can that be used as well? Anyone else use something other than pounce regularly, and if so what do you use? Thanks so much. I'm finally back from AZ where I was out with my mother as she recovered from some surgery, and want to mark off a quilt that I have to finish. I don't care for
  12. You will LOVE this machine! It has the built in walking foot for even feeding and so many other features. My DM is a Janome and I love it! CONGRATS, I'm so jealous!
  13. Stunning dress - and a beautiful fit!! Your daughter will feel like the most beautiful bride on earth when she walks down the aisle all because of her mom and aunt! I, too, have four daughters, and our youngest was married in my dress. We did some major alterations to the design of the dress to make it "her", and it turned out wonderful and she was so happy. Great job, Madelyn!
  14. Cathy, My Ulti I is that age also (serial # is 265 - do we have long lost siblings located? hehe!) and I recently had the I/S Turbo installed. Works wonderfully - age really is not a factor on IPQS machines as long as the machine is taken care of. When I do purchase a new machine I know that whoever purchases my Ulti will be getting a wonderful machine to start out on. There's a reason these machines hold their value - they were built to last! If you decide to upgrade to the I/S I don't think you will regret it . Also, when it was installed (November) I didn't have to pay any extra inci
  15. Heidi, Thanks, your response really does help! I will be heading to AZ Friday to help my mother post surgery but plan to try this upon my return - your feathers on fleece are just calling me!!
  16. Oh, how adorable and precious!! Our little grandson Xander has monkey decorations in his room - guess what this Nana is going to make him? Would be a wonderful stress reliever for me, also!
  17. Beautiful feathers and geometric design for these throws! I've not quilted fleece but seeing those feathers on there has drawn me in! I so love meandering freehand feathers - I keep working on them! Couple questions, though: 1) What's a guesstimated 'length' of a full size single feather in your meander? I know they graduate larger and smaller, but I can't seem to understand proportion on the fleece which leads to question #2: are there any suggestions on quilting density on the fleece to keep the stitches from popping when someone pulls on it to snuggle in. Or do stitches not pop on this
  18. Shana, That is beautiful! I've seen this only once in my life and the color was not that intense at all. You are blessed to be able to experience this so often!
  19. I tried one last night, let's just say --- PITA for me! I had problems getting the end right where I needed it without having bending over and looking to see where I had got the camera aimed at. Easier to make that same movement and check it myself! Bobbin Cam is on my wish list!
  20. bee u tee full!! Now to get brave and do a quilt full of feathers like that!!
  21. And thank you all for the kind comments - I will share them with our precious granddaughter - she will be so tickled. And I have to say the feathers are mine, but I've still got work to do to get mine as nice as all of yours. I've done more practice place mats over time than I care to admit! HOWEVER, I found that Chloe had a much easier time adjusting to feathers than I did because she had no reservations or fears of not doing it right like I've had - she has had such a good time regardless how her stitching first looked like. That's what it's about, isn't it!
  22. Lynn, They are called HANDLEBAR AERO DROP BAR CONVERSION ENDS/MTB FLAT 2 ROAD from a seller on eBay. I ordered drop bar conversion ends from our local bicycle shop (cheaper on eBay but a local business supported by purchasing here). I haven't replaced the foam handgrips (and some may still have the original bicycle plastic handlebar grips like I did before I got the Intellistitch) but rather used the gel cork handlebar tape. Works for us!
  23. Never thought of using this for checking stitching in quilting... my bro is an instructor of vehicle mechanics and he uses one all the time down/around/in the vehicle engine and underneath. I don't know the brand he has, but the pic is perfectly clear although I've seen him have to fiddle with adjusting the flexible tube quite a bit (but then he's navigating around an engine or parts). Interesting idea here, you wouldn't have to have anything mounted on your machine - check the underneath when needed and set aside. I just may ask to borrow his personal one and try it. I'm sure it would work