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  1. BEAUTIFUL quilt top!! I can't wait to see what the pro's ideas are! Just wanted to compliment you on your top - I love it! I gotta hide this pic from my daughter Wendy as she would be begging me to make an exact replica for her!
  2. Haha, Debbie! When Chloe saw the camera she immediately stopped singing and put on a straight face. I started laughing and asked her why and she said, 'I thought you would want me to be "seriously quilting".' I laughed harder and told her to keep right on singing and wiggling because it just makes it so much more fun!!
  3. I just wanted to share a picture of our granddaughter Chloe quilting her first project (she is 11 years old). She chose a kitty panel with coordinating lime green background. I set it up with a light yellow on top and lime green bobbin thread (poly threads) and it worked great. She had a great time - singing away the whole time - and she was really 'dancing with the machine' by the end! I've got to cut binding for it yet, but that will need to wait till I get over this terrible sore throat and cold (I'm not moving too fast this week.) BTW, I have an older Ulti I with the vertical handles, but if you notice in the picture I added bicycle extender handles to decrease my reach and increase comfort. I'll post a pic separately of a close up. It really has made a difference in my ability to quilt for longer periods of time without having alot of discomfort. Chloe quilting her 1st quilt by Nana Em Heartstrings, on Flickr Ultimate I extended handle by Nana Em Heartstrings, on Flickrbicycle
  4. Ardelle, What panto is that on the second quilt? Or what that free hand? I like that it looks like flowers yet feathers, and would be a nice one to use to get more comfortable making feathers. They both look awesome!
  5. I would say the top thread was too loose if it was the top thread looping to the back. It probably was a combination of both, however, if you also changed your bobbin thread to a different type of thread depending on the weight of the thread. Glad you got it figured out, though. I just fought a king sized quilt using cotton thread top and bottom with inconsistent tension the whole way. I got that quilt done and put on another one but decided to try poly thread to see if that helped - and what a difference!!! I'll use more of the poly now, at least with my machine. What type of poly over cotton do you use, just curious what worked for you?
  6. Oh, Kristina, I am keeping her in my prayers. I know how hard this is as a parent, having a child in so much pain. Our youngest daughter had suffered through a viral encephalitis from a mosquito bite several years ago, and our hearts broke watching her pain. Slow, but sure, with lots of faith, hang in there. You may be amazed how the next two days (if a Monday release) may improve her pain level and general comfort. God bless Taylor, and my heart goes out to you all.
  7. That butterfly is really neat! Such a quiet pet Now, for the snake - I almost knocked my chair over getting away when I saw that picture (Snakes are my phobia!!) I wouldn't have been able to even be in the house till that critter was found and released the next town away!!
  8. Here is a picture of the three of them, Jenni, Jeremy and Xander (pronounced like Zander).
  9. Sending prayers of healing and comfort for Taylor and the whole family. Bless you all!
  10. Our grandson, Xander, who is 9 1/2 months old, has been very ill for over two weeks. Today our daughter got the results of a test they did. He is sick with the clostridium difficile bacteria, which, in infants, can be potentially fatal if they cannot get it under control. He has finally stopped losing weight and the loose stools have started to lessen, which is a blessing but does not have him out of the woods. They cannot give him antibiotics because antibiotic treatments not only kill the bad bacteria but also the good bacteria of the intestines and colon. And that gives this bacteria an opportunity to multiply rapidly. He is being treated with probiotics (to increase the good bacteria in his intestines) and lots of fluids and electrolytes (like Pedialyte). This will have to run its course, and the doctors will treat any colon or intestine issues that may occur while his body fights this off. Our daughter, Jennifer, said the dehydration that occurs along with the tissue damage is what they need to stay vigilently ahead of. Please, please, keep baby Xander, and his mommy and daddy, in your prayers that he will be able to continue to fight this off. Xander has a stomach biopsy scheduled for the 28th, and it sounds like they will probably scope out his intestines and colon as well to see what is going on with the tissue. Xander's daddy is gone right now out of state for continued military training, so Jenni has been an absolute trooper through this. Jeremy was deployed in Afghanistan for the first 5 months of Xander's life, and Jenni did an awesome job. I know she is a very strong woman and mommy but she is ready for him to be back from this training. He will be back home on Saturday. Then they have his Grandpa's funeral (he passed away while Jeremy was gone and they postponed the funeral until he could get home.) on Monday, and then Thursday Jeremy has surgery. They just have a plate full right now, and my heart will be less burdened if I knew I had prayers coming from all over for them. Here is what I found about the c. diff bacteria illness. BTW, this is transmitted from a person who has the bacteria and gets it on their hands after going to the bathroom and transfers it to someone else. Basically, from someone not washing their hands after going #2. We all know that babies put everything in their mouths.... And washing our hands with soap and water will kill the bacteria spores, but antibacterial liquids (like Purell) are 100% INEFFECTIVE in killing this strain of bacteria. Bleach will kill it. Here's a brief bit about it: Clostridium difficile (klos-TRID-e-uhm dif-uh-SEEL), often called C. difficile or C. diff, is a bacterium that can cause symptoms ranging from diarrhea to life-threatening inflammation of the colon. Illness from C. difficile most commonly affects older adults in hospitals or in long term care facilities and typically occurs after use of antibiotic medications. In recent years, C. difficile infections have become more frequent, more severe and more difficult to treat. Each year, tens of thousands of people in the United States get sick from C. difficile, including some otherwise healthy people who aren't hospitalized or taking antibiotics. (Many people have died from outbreaks of this bacteria.) Bless you all for your prayers in our time of need. UPDATE: Xander's daddy is home now (sigh of relief), and Xander has started to perk up. He has not lost any more weight (not much more to lose when he was not yet to 20# to begin with) and his appetite is returning. Diapers are becoming less frequent and more normal, although he continues to have cramping and tummy distension. Drs. say this is normal and can last some time yet. They are continuing the probiotics and electrolytes along with rice, bananas, oatmeal, etc., so HOPEFULLY (said as a prayer!) he has turned the corner past the worst of it. I heard him giggle on the phone last night - what a joyous sound!!! Thank you all for your faith in our Lord and sending prayers for Xander - GOD bless you all. Have a blessed Christmas!
  11. That is a **gorgeous** piece of furniture!! Your DH did a beautiful job, lucky you!!!
  12. Oh, bless Becka's baby heart. Prayers to your family, and (((hugs))) to Grandma! Our grandson is terribly sick with a bug right now and has lost over a pound in a week (he's 9 months old), and I know how hard to it to be a grandma and not be able to make it better. Prayers your way for all of you!
  13. I love the pics of your pets, you all!! We have two cockers, Spencer and Max, who are the most gentle, timid, loving guys around. Spencer is the black and white cocker who we adopted when his previous family decided they just didn't want him any longer. Max came into our family as a tiny 7 week old - he is DH's sidekick. Poncho was our chihuahua terrier mix who passed away recently - he was always so chilly he'd wear his coat most year round. The black and white cat is Nebby who came into the fold of our furry family as a tiny, abandoned kitten left to fend for himself on a farm in Nebraska (hence, his name). He actually thinks he's a dog, but don't tell him he isn't, otherwise Spencer and Max won't have a buddy to rough house with every evening! We also have a yellow lab, Jake, who missed this photo op, but he is currently mending from a broken bone in his paw, and I wouldn't want to disturb his pride and dignity by showing his pink splint! Aren't we all so blessed to have our pets!
  14. I'm so sorry. Prayers for you all (two and four legged). We had the same thing happen last year with our Shih tzu - my heart goes out to you all.
  15. Thank you, Shana. I had done that and can get regular text but I was hoping to put my signature in color but I guess it isn't necessary. How did you get the different fonts and color on yours, where your inspirational quote stuff is? One of my daughters does HTML stuff but I was hoping I wouldn't have to try that! I'd rather be stitching!
  16. Well, it should be obvious I don't teach computer literacy - my signature didn't attach itself. How do you get your "written" name attached and in color? Marci
  17. Hi all, I have finally got a picture of myself up here, and now have been trying to add my signature to my posts. I've lowered the resolution and size and edited my profile to include it. I didn't see it, though, afterwards. So I figured I'd post this and see if it has "attached" itself. I never introduced myself as I didn't realize I needed to (not really blog/forum educated )). But with the spammers on here I truly didn't want any of you to think I was one of them! I've been a sewer for years, and decided I really wanted the opportunity to quilt my own by machine as hand stitching and myself do not get along well. I didn't want to fight with pushing the fabric around with my DSM due to my shoulders. I found an older Ultimate I, remodeled our upstairs to a big loft (hubby calls it my hen's nest!), and she's at home up there getting long overdue attention! I just recently added the Intellistitch to my Ulti, and having a blast actually getting some nice looking stitching done! I also just purchased a used Hartley Fence and stencils. I can't wait to get busy using those as well. In my spare (he,he!) time I work part-time for a non-profit, and I teach part-time for a local community college. Sewing and quilting is my relaxation and, some days, my salvation! I have learned so much from all of you, so I thank you for sharing. I hope someday I can quilt half as good as you girls! Any answers to my signature thing, if it hasn't attached itself, will be greatly appreciated!
  18. Epson used to have roll paper/banner functions - they may still have, I just haven't checked recently. I had an Epson 1280 for a long time and used the roll paper function a lot. My Canon I have now does not have the roll/banner function, but I design in CorelDraw and can print an oversized file on continuous sheets and tape together. Hope you find something! Marci Ultimate I
  19. Really awesome, Sylvia! I love what you've done, and it's inspiring to me! Gator, I sent you a U2U about vintage table cloths! Marci Ultimate I
  20. Thanks, all - I do appreciate it. The lady that asked me about this will not tell me what she is contemplating. (She is a well known textile artist in our area who makes up the most delicious things from recycled textiles as well as new fabrics.) I called her and passed on what you all suggested, and she likes the idea of using silk thread but not batting or flannel. I suggested muslin and she then thought maybe the flannel would work better due to its smoother surface. Once I get the stitch regulation put on Friday (YAAAY!!) I am going to experiment. I love a challenge! I agree that, IF it works, (and I told her also) one side may have a lesser degree of good looking tension and she said she'll wait to see what I come up with. So she seems to understand it may not be do-able, but we'll see! Thanks, again, you all are experienced and I learn a lot from all your posts. I'll let you know what I figure out, and if it works I hope I am able to figure out how to post a picture of whatever it is she has in mind. Marci