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  1. Thanks for the help. I have the sprockets on the end that I think I can try it that while the roller is on the frame. Thought about that but was afraid I would damage it. But I know I'm not that strong so will give it a try. Again, thanks!! Marci
  2. Hi ya all, I had a local crafter ask me tonight if I could "quilt" two layers of silk for her to be used to make some specialty items for a Christmas show. Is this possible? If so, what type/fineness of thread do you suggest? She has suggested the colors she wants used and they are typically available colors so that wouldn't be an issue. It's just the stitching through the fineness of silk I wonder about. And would I need to change the height of the foot to compensate for such thin layers going through the machine? I would assume I would want to go to a smaller needle as well. I've really enjoyed the forum here and appreciate all the knowledge you all share. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks, Marci Ulti I "Mizz Mona"
  3. Thanks for the info, you guys. I appreciate it, yet will take more suggestions as well! Kristina, I have a leveler bar because I switched out my batting bar when I put different frame sides on. So, in essence, I upgraded to a "newer" square legged frame that is designed for a leveler bar. As for switching them out, I use all three roller bars when I load my quilts most of the time. The leveler bar doesn't have the sprocketed end like the other three, so I cannot use that one. My bars have rods welded in them, and the end of the metal rods go through some type of round brass bushing that swivels (clear as mud? ). There really is no way to loosen or tighten them up within my older frame. I hope to find someone that has a frame they are willing to part with so I can use the rollers, but in the meantime I'll try to keep squeaking by. I quilt for myself and family (and they can be pretty forgiving) but if I decide to expand out I guess I may have to consider a new table. Thanks again for helping me with suggestions and ideas, I appreciate it! Marci Ulti I "Mizz Mona"
  4. A couple months ago I re-did my canvas leaders and didn't give much thought that, after I was done, they were not even edge to edge. I can quilt and, with some extra pinning and tugging, and once in awhile a piece of batting stuffed in the rolled up backing, have my pantograph rows even. But quilting the other night my mind was wandering and I got to putting all this together. I had noticed that my backing bar had a very slight bow to it some time ago, but figured that was just because of the quilt on it. Now I've looked at it, and spent time rolling it around without a quilt on and realized it, indeed, is bowed. Is there a way to fix one that has done this or is a replacement in order? Does anyone know if there is a way to straighten a roller? Or would anyone have an older table with 14' rollers that would be willing to sell? Mine is the older square metal sided table. I only need one roller if it needs replaced, but would take what comes on the table. It doesn't sound like Carroll has extra old ones around or I suspect I would have had an answer from them. As it is, with my leaders compensating (the leaders are longer on the edges than the center where the bar slightly bows) I can do a good job keeping rows straight, but I don't know how long this will work. Any suggestions or a table for sale? Thanks!! Marci Ultimate I - Three days from being stitch regulated!
  5. As you quilt, and then roll your quilt forward, the rolled up quilt (on the takeup roller) becomes bigger around; therefore, without the ability to raise the roller bar with the quilt on it you would continue to lose quilting space. So, this is what you will do: There is a metal threaded handle above the spring on the leg. When you turn it to loosen it from the metal bar of the leg, the spring is freed and it pushes the take up roller part higher. When you have it where you want it you just tighten the handle again to lock it in place. Then when you take your quilt off and start a new one you will want to lower it back down by loosening the handle, pushing down on the side frame support and then re-tightening again. Do you have three or four rollers? You want the take up roller to be be level with the front (backing/belly) roller so that your quilt is laying evenly under your machine head. So, if you have three rollers you will adjust it to where you have about your finger's first knuckle spacing between the bed of your machine head and the roller. If you have the fourth roller that will do that job, and then the takeup roller can be higher. But I'm not sure that the old table with the spring on the side had a leveler roller - the take up roller did both jobs. I switched out my original metal table legs, which had the spring for adjustment like you are talking about, with legs that supported a fourth roller, the leveler bar. I had an extra roller for batting on my table which I then used for my fourth roller instead. It is easier to work with now, but I did it the spring way for some time and didn't have troubles - it just took an extra step. Just remember to adjust both sides of the table so your quilt lays evenly under the machine head and the head moves smoothly and the stitches stay even. Hope this helps! Marci Ultimate I - Three days away from being stitch regulated!
  6. Hi, I own an Ultimate I, and mine is probably one of the older ones out here with a serial number of 265, and she runs beautifully! I recently put new motor brushes in, repacked the gear box, replaced the hook assembly, and re-timed the machine. Many of us do these things ourselves, but you can have the machine in to the factory for a 'spa' treatment, which if it needed any of these things they would do them at that time. Being one of the original machines manufactured my machine does not have stitch regulation (today, anyway ) but she is scheduled to get the Intellistitch stitch regulation on Friday (YAAY!!) Any issues in the future with the third party stitch regulation will have to be handled by the IS people, but APQS would still do any machine maintenance that would ever need done that I cannot do. Table size may be an issue but you can always check to see if anyone in your area has a table they want to swap out - or you could take the rollers to a reputable welder and have them shortened. Mine is the 14 ft table which I recently changed out the legs to the newer (to me) style that handles the fourth roller. I only had three rollers on top but had a batting roller that was never used. Dawn suggested using the batting roller as my fourth roller, and APQS had a set of used legs I was able to purchase from them and make it all work. I don't think you can use a different brand table, but someone else will have to jump in and let me know if I'm wrong about that. Long story short - don't be afraid of an older machine. These machines are built to last! Ask the current owner to let you play around on the machine before you purchase it so you can see how comfortable you are with it, as well as see if there are any issues. If the machine is unassembled, I personally would request that it be set up so I could test it before deciding. Hope this helps you in your decision process! Good luck, and have fun! Marcia Ultimate I 'Mizz Mona'
  7. Valerie, Sent you a U2U, my daughter is very interested if you still have this available. Thanks! Marcia
  8. Are you talking about a single wheel on each leg, or the three wheel dolly for each leg? I'm curious myself as I've been thinking about putting them under my table legs. Lowes has three wheel dolly's for less than $6 each but I'm not sure if they are the right thing to use. When I was at APQS in Des Moines looking at a machine I commented on them and they said I could find them at a Lowes or Menards. Anyone else know? Marcy Ultimate I Mizz Mona
  9. Leslie and Janette, thanks for your imput. I have thought about the Intellistitch and wonder if that would be the right route for me. Oh, decisions, decisions! My ulti has a 1/2 hp motor, and I understand the motor I/S uses is smaller - I don't want to lose power! Hoping some Lucey owners see this at some point and chime in - I really want to make a good, informed decision! Marcia Ulti I 'Mizz Mona':
  10. Sharon, Go to leadergrips.com or do a search for Red Snappers and it will take you to Renae's quilting website. There is a thread here somewhere that talks about the differences in the two as well. Hope this helps! Marcia Ultimate I 'Mizz Mona'
  11. Hi Marsha (nice name!) I just ordered the Leader Grips but only the snap on covers. I had researched the Red Snappers as well but many reviews said they were somewhat harder to snap on. I have problems with my wrists, so I didn't want to chance flaring them up more. I only ordered the clear cover part of the Leader Grips, and DH and I are going to purchase a more flexible tubing than the dowels they offer. Cost wise, by the time you do shipping on either of them they really are not that far off in price. This is just my opinion but having just ordered mine yesterday I thought I'd give you my one cent's worth that swayed my decision. Either would be a great addition, I am sure, because they sure beat the heck out of getting poked with pins! And I don't own zippers so haven't experience there - others sure do like the zippers. Happy Quilting! Marcia Ultimate I 'Mizz Mona'
  12. Hi, all. I own an Ulti I, early 90's, with no additional features whatsoever. Just plain stitching on a 14 foot table. I've been considering upgrading, and cost is a factor. What I am wondering is this - who out here in this wonderful APQS family owns a Lucey, and what do you think of her? Lucey has the same throat size as my Ulti I but has many more features. I can put it on my existing table (three bar table) so that cuts the cost of a new table as well. I just have not seen a lot of people posting who own a Lucey, and I'm wondering if there is a reason why? Durability, motor strength, etc.? Any information would be helpful, and thanks in advance for you experienced people's imput!! Love this forum, by the way! Marcia Ultimate I 'Mizz Mona'
  13. Hi, I have an ulti I also, are the edgerider wheels for machine and the table (8 wheels) total? I would be interested in them if they aren't sold. Thanks Marcia Ultimate I 'Mizz Mona Belle
  14. Gable, I'm a newbie here. Sent you a U2U for pantos. Thanks! Marcia Ultimate I 'Mizz Mona Belle'