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  1. I purchased a used HIX 16"x20" platen clamshell heat press 12 years ago on eBay for $450. Shipping cost me almost $100 then so not sure what services there may that are different now. I've never had a lick of problems with it, and I've used it for dye sub work as well as heat transfer applications for embroidery, quilting, etc. I'm using it right now for a t'shirt quilt for a graduation gift, and it makes the tedious work of pressing the interfacing a breeze.
  2. I love the handles on his rulers - they make it so much easier for me to keep the rulers in place when quilting. I'll have to check into these marking rulers, thanks Heidi!
  3. I, for the life of me, can not remember whose video I just recently watched on YouTube, but the long arm quilter found it easiest to put on a thicker leather thimble and use her finger to guide her quilting foot along in the ditch. I was just surprised how well she did using that technique. I would try it, also, but I have the old spoon foot on my Ulti I and don't think that would work!
  4. Chris, your quilting takes this to a whole new level - beautiful and classy between the lines and circles and the feathers! And your color choices for the quilt are so pretty, too!
  5. Was the feather border done with IQ also? I was sure you did those free hand but you had to go and burst my bubble! You did a wonderful pretty job on this! She should be very happy with your choice of designs. Really pretty, as usual!
  6. You will LOVE your Millie's mom! Mine is 5 years older and I love her, too. Just a great testament to the quality of an APQS machine. I had the same table originally and also moved my batting bar up to become my leveling bar. The difference is I purchased different table sides from APQS to accommodate the new positioning where Dave modified the sides. Great machine - have a blast with her and post pics of your progress!
  7. Sounds like you're moving along quite nicely! Like I mentioned in my original response to this post will you be having other quilters, experienced and inexperienced, test your prototype before going to full production? You may find some very valuable input from others who try it out for you before a big reveal and may even find some modification or other that adds to the design. (Maybe you've already done this so disregard if so.) I am just curious about this tool and interested in finding out if it will be a big help to me. I would be quite willing to be a tester as as I have limited mobility at the back of the machine due to chronic tendonitis, shoulder and neck issues and would love a full panto solution from the front of the machine!
  8. I must have short arms because I, also, have a dickens of a time controlling my stitching when I have to reach so far forward while quilting in the area nearer the throat of my machine. That space is part of the usable quilting area but comfortable access it isn't. I probably can comfortably quilt about 10" before I'm stretching to reach, and then the stretching affects the ease of quilting plus puts a lot of pressure on my shoulders and elbows which always give me grief. So I understand 100% what you are asking about modifying. My machine's table is an older version than yours, and it would be possible to modify but would take welding on a short arm to the frame below the quilt top bar and installing my sprocket brake there for my backing/belly bar to mount to. I've wondered about this same modification before for the same reason.
  9. It's beautiful, Teresa, and a perfect design to showcase the colors of cancer. I look forward to seeing it all finished!
  10. I love this! Wonderful history and so neat to see it returning to the family! You did a beautiful job on the quilt and quilting!
  11. Never heard of it, and that says a lot on this forum. If I were you I would contact a dealer for Husqvarna-Viking, but it sounds like it is probably brand specific.
  12. Amaw, I don't want to hijack Jean's post here, but yes by all means M&M's can replace the old carbon wheels shown here. When I bought mine it had the original wheels like this on and I changed them out when M&M's came out. APQS designed and sell these wheels. They would show on their parts page I would believe.
  13. Not my machine, but the pictures show the old wheels on it, not Edgeriders or M&M wheels. I have an Ulti I and do microstippling with it easily. Look at the quilting Pumpkinpatchquilter does with her unregulated Ulti I - awesome freehand and micro quilting.
  14. We have it, if I understand what is being requested. Heidi P. also follows topics like I do. When you read a topic you are interested in, to to the upper right side of the page of that topic and click on 'Follow This Topic'. Choose your options for following there. I, too, get so much inspiration from so many topics and pics shared here.
  15. I sure wished I could quilt so disjointed Lovely interaction between your quilting choices indeed have made some beautiful secondary designs! So pretty!
  16. I was just going by what your member status with your picture says. Sorry it's wrong!
  17. Since you're a dealer you have direct contact with APQS to help you come up with a fair price for your machine. You just then have to take in to consideration what you've put into the IQ and add that in accordingly. There's always Dave and Deloa Jones, who are now in the business of selling others' machines for commission.
  18. Here, in the winter when it is freeeezing cold, I hang odorous items and quilt tops that get brought to me to work on out over the clothsline for a day or two. Quilt tops get draped over two or three lines and a king flat sheet over it to protect it. The freezing cold fresh air absolutely does wonders removing smoke for some reason. It works best when it's very cold. (I can hardly believe I am touting a benefit to all this godforsaken cold we've had this year ) But it does work. I wonder if putting in a freezer for a day and then tumbling in the dryer on no heat, and repeating if needed, would work?
  19. That's wonderful that you were able to enjoy the day together!!
  20. Martha bought my set, (thanks, Martha), so now others may have an idea who to get in contact with to buy a set.
  21. Looks like a great product. I have a pair of surgical scissors at my machine that I use, and many times have used the "hook" end to catch stitches and remove them but always wished I didn't have to hold the other blade out of the way. Looks like this solves that issue!
  22. Adorable story came out with your quilting Even though I HATE spiders I LOVE the ones you have hanging in the doorway - very creative!