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  1. I found this YouTube video of something Dave Jones has/had out. The video shows DeLoa demonstrating how to use the front mounted table over the rails and use the laser light to follow the pattern:
  2. That turned out great! I can't see where you seamed the extra on, so your customer should be very pleased you averted a pita for her!
  3. Yay!! Sold in a snap! Sorry you had to give it up, but sure glad it went quickly for you!
  4. We've offered living space for a couple of our adult childen, spouses and grandkids during difficult times as well, and it's not always easy! (Hugs) But it gave them a chance to build some savings and start fresh. And, because it isn't any easier on them (to need to come back home albeit temporarily), they've gotten their ducks in a row (knock on wood ). Your children will thank you, and your grandkids will have some amazings memories of the time they 'stayed' with grandma And it does stink that most businesses rely on 'credit' instead of cash. I mean, why is there not positive financial
  5. Subtly gorgeous quilting, I'd say! Love the background fill on this, and like how your outlining the flower petals made them look multidimensional. Thanks for sharing!
  6. The blocks really look neat in that setting! I finished several projects for our late Christmas celebration, so now I should pull my blocks out and finish the top up, too. Thanks for sharing - I think it's the prod I needed
  7. And, Valarie, is that green grass outside your window? Where's your snow??
  8. Welcome, Phyllis! I missed your original post, hope to see pictures of your quilts and lots of input!
  9. Oh, so gorgeous! LOVE everything you've done with this - and the curved edge crosshatching is so unique! Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt!
  10. Yep, that's what I've packaged up and coming your way!
  11. I don't think they're hard to come by. Mine was replaced just before I bought the machine, and shortly after I bought it I added the I/S which uses a different motor altogether. Glad I could help. And, no, it hasn't arrived yet, but still watching for it!
  12. Bonway, hopefully you've posted on other quilting forums as well. What I'm wondering is if you couldn't contact a local welding shop in your area and see if they couldn't make some pretty generic entended handles for you. My machine has the straight up handles, not the ergonomic ones, so I actually added bicycle handle extenders to give me a longer reach. I don't know what kind of handles your machine has, but maybe you could also do something like this?
  13. Val I have one you can have. PM me your address.
  14. There is a very clean looking APQS bobbin winder on eBay at this time. $150 start or buy it now, can't remember which. A very good price for it.
  15. Liam, you have my deepest condolences with the passing of your Dad. I send cyber hugs for you all. May you eventually have comfort on your birthday knowing that your father gained his wings and joined the other angels on such a special day. Bless you all.
  16. Such a lovely quilt and your quilting is beautiful! I'm still learning feathers as well, and I understand how proud we feel as our progress shows from quilt to quilt. LibbyG is right - every quilted feather project will be a testament to your journey! Well done!
  17. Will you be making and testing prototypes before going to the expense of attempting to patent? If and when you test your theory you could ask experienced and inexperienced quilters to test your design. Then you'll have an idea of the whole of it all, financially speaking, if it's worth it. Or, test out prototypes and if successful sell your idea to a larger entity. I wish you the absolute best in your endeavor however you proceed.
  18. Love the quilts and feathers! Looks like you had a great time with friends!
  19. I've often wondered the same thing about the height issue (and cutting legs down) when installing hydraulic lifts. Could someone answer here if it is not uncommon (or not recommended and why) to do so. Thanks for sharing any experiences!
  20. Congrats!! What an accomplishment! You quilt design is an absolute beauty and will do awesome out in the market!
  21. Brrrrr! It was -22 at 8:30 this morning, and now it's up to a balmy -17! We put all new windows in this past spring, and we've found there are a few out of the 22 we did that must be defective because there is ICE inside the windows and COLD! Makes a person's tummy sick to spend that much and have the house colder than before... Will be glad when this arctic front leaves tomorrow!