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    whitepinesquilter reacted to Liam in Selling my 1990 Ultimate I with I/S   
    I left you a message.
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    whitepinesquilter reacted to RunningThreads in Selling my 1990 Ultimate I with I/S   
    Intellistitch is the add on stitch regulation.  As Jim said it is a really good deal, a commercial grade stitch regulated machine for under four thousand.  Marci would have paid over three just to add the stitch regulator.  
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    whitepinesquilter reacted to dlnewell in Selling my 1990 Ultimate I with I/S   
    Is the intellistitch just an add on stitch regulator or is this a computer guided machine.  A friend of mine is wanting to buy a longarm when she retires, but this might be too good of a deal to pass up.
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    whitepinesquilter reacted to Gator in Superior Bottom Line   
    Glad you discovered the problem.  I think we are as bad at looking at the manuals as men are at asking for directions. 
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    whitepinesquilter reacted to Neher-in-law5 in Which type of pen do you use? ... or which fabric?   
    If you use the micron pens, try to get a .08 or even larger size point.  The .05 and .005 have tips that are so sharp they catch on the fibers and are hard to write smoothly.  the .08 or larger have a rounder tip and move across the fabric smoothly.
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    whitepinesquilter reacted to barbm in ? About Laser Light on '09 Freedom   
    Marci, the laser will stay on when the machine is powered on. If you don't want it shining, just pull the plug! Happy Thanksgiving!
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    whitepinesquilter reacted to zeke in Struggling with a dilema. Help! Thoughts! Prayers!   
    Lora, do yourself a favor and keep it.  You ready don't have to remodel your kitchen if you have room in your garage.  I've seen this in many a garage.  You can even hook up a portable propane to it.  This way you can turn the gas off when your not using it.  It's just a thought to keep your mother beloved stove.  Let "c" worry about the kitchen.   It was willed to you and not her.  Zeke. 
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    whitepinesquilter reacted to AnnP in Happy Thanksgiving!   
    Just wanted to give best prayers to all quilters for a great Thanksgiving! May the Peace of God be with you and your families!! Im so thankful for all of you and your advice!
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    whitepinesquilter got a reaction from dbams in ? About Hydraulic Lift Removal to Unassemble Table   
    Thanks Zeke. We've got it all home now, and as soon as I make room we'll be reassembling.
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    whitepinesquilter reacted to judyday in Christmas panel   
    Here is the quilt. 
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    whitepinesquilter reacted to judyday in Christmas panel   
    Georgia and i have been working on Christmas. I finished this panel for my Granddaughters birthday this week. I purchased the panel at a great quilt shop in Laramie WY during our summer travels. Used Glide thread on top in brown. Pleased with the blending. Had a lot of fun with my GEORGE named Georgia. 
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    whitepinesquilter reacted to Sharon Deming in Stitch Density on Charity Quilts   
    Charmaine - your quilting is beautiful! I applaud you for the love you offer to the cancer patients by doing such a beautiful job. Good for you. I certainly hope that the person in the meeting meant no personal criticism, but was offering guidelines, albeit in a very thoughtless and hurtful way. Please stay the course - I'm sure that the patients see your work and know that someone really cares about them. Try to let the thoughtless person off the hook for her/his comment - and just keep quilting. The people who are comforted by the quilts you have done will enjoy your work no matter what the density is. The love you quilt in brings the comfort.
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    whitepinesquilter reacted to quiltedsunflower in I'm about to be BLISSED   
    I have been saving for a while now, and went to the AQS show in Des Moines over the weekend and put it on order.  I'm so excited!   We're planning to pick it up next week. 
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    whitepinesquilter reacted to Quilta93 in Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!   
    I'm sorry for your loss. You made some wonderful memory quilts. Thank you for sharing. 
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    whitepinesquilter reacted to sewingpup in Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!   
    Wow...you really went through a lot......I mostly don't have pain anymore.....still working on the range of motion, at least I can sleep a bit better now.....I love your recipe for an ice bag....I have a couple of bought ice packs....but they don't really fit the shoulder well...one almost fits....but warms up quickly......I don't use ice as much as I first did....only when I do something that causes a bit more pain.....I am starting to use my arm more when I am not thinking about it....which is a good sign...but I need to be aware of what I am doing....yesterday, I did a bit of light raking ....and it went ok...got a little sore but recovered nicely overnight.....enjoy your new to you Freedom.....I am sort of longing for a freedom or millie also as the controls are on the front...not on the side like Lucey.....I finally did put a small piece on the frame two days ago...and I was able to at least meander although reaching to the back I could feel the stretch......I am happy about it though....I have missed being able to quilt....Lin
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    whitepinesquilter got a reaction from dbams in Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!   
    Thank you, Vickie. i have an update on that, but I'm still just as excited! I found a lightly used 2009 Freedom only 65 miles away, went and test drove it and purchased it. It has the hydraulic lift as well as the quilt advance, and I'm upgrading the table to Bliss. So all the things I need!   I'll be bringing it home at the end of the month!
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    whitepinesquilter reacted to Gator in Loyal customers. ???   
    Lora, great topic which needs to be brought up every now and then.  I like hearing what's happening in other parts of the country and world.  I have Millie with an IQ.  I did not raise  my prices when I got my computer.  I didn't need to because I could do more quilts which evened the field.  I charge a penny and a half for loose pantos/e2e and 2 pennies for tight pantos/e2e.  I have a Quilt finishing shop a block away from me (I'm also in a small town) who charges about the same.  The owner and I have a great relationship because she just does pantos/e2e.  She also sells batting, wide backs and flannel.  She does no custom, so she sends those customers to me or another longarmer.  There's work for everyone.  You really have to flow with the local pricing or you will loose those "bread and butter" customers.  When I moved to Michigan, I asked around about longarm pricing before I decided on what to charge.  I ask my customers  to pick out the panto they want from the hundreds I have  but  if a customer wants a particular panto design that I don't have (i.e. hippos, fire hose, particular flowers),  I charge them a one time special design charge of $15.00,  plus my normal square inch charge.  It will help you build your design catalog fast  without coming directly from your pocket.  I do the same with my embroidery business. 
    Great info, advise and thoughts everyone.
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    whitepinesquilter reacted to Primitive1 in Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!   
    Welcome back Marci!  I am glad you are feeling better and how exciting - a new Millie!  Your quilts are beautiful and the one you made of your brother's ties will be a cherished one...I hope making it helped in the healing process for you and now when you see the quilt it brings only good memories for you!
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    whitepinesquilter reacted to PamelaG in Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!   
    Beautiful quilts. And you will LOVE your new Millie. Keep your Intelliquilter for her too. 
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    whitepinesquilter reacted to Gator in Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!   
    Marci, welcome back.   I love seeing what has been done for memory quilts.  The ones you have pics of are beautiful.  I really love how you did the ties.  So sorry to hear about your brother.  There's a lot of new quilters in the forum and many of us "old ones".  A lot of APQS quilters are in the "I love APQS" facebook group instead of here.  Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
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    whitepinesquilter reacted to Cagey in Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!   
    When you made the tie quilt, did you cut of the extra fabric on the back of the ties, and did you alter the width of them to get them to form the circle properly?
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    whitepinesquilter reacted to sewingpup in Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!   
    I agree...very nice quilts and quilting........I lost my brother suddenly a few years back, he was 63.  We were only 1 1/2 years apart and in our younger years, folks thought we were twins....I miss him so much.....I too had rotator cuff surgery this spring...they fixed the rotator tear, cleaned the joint, and removed part of my collar bone....I am just getting back into piecing and am hopefully going to get a quilt on the long arm to start doing some quilting again....I have a blissed Lucey so she is easy to move....a little scared....I know I will have to take breaks for a while.....and probably don't have the muscle control so plan on just doing over-alls at first...thanks for sharing.....Lin  I started posting this yesterday....then the internet went down for me....glad it saved what I wrote as a draft....I am 4 1/2 months post surgery...still don't have full range of motion and strength....but at least I don't have the pain I had for the first three months...they say it is really important to keep doing the exercises so I will...see the doc again in a few months....this sure is a slow recovery...but they tell me it can take up to a year.....
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    whitepinesquilter got a reaction from AnnP in Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!   
    UPDATE:   I am not getting the Millie I had planned on. But I'm still very excited. Because I bought a very lightly used 2009 Freedom - and it was only 65 miles from my home.  It has the quilt advance and hydraulic leg lifts, and I am upgrading the table to Bliss!!
    Hi ladies and gents, I haven't been on here in ages after going through a second shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff and impingement problems.  My last surgery was 1 1/2 years ago, and I have been back to my heavy textile repair sewing and longarming for just a few months.  I never regained all my strength back in my arms/shoulders so it's been a struggle to move my Ulti I around and get the smooth circles and feathers I used to do. I have M&M wheels on it and Intellistitch stitch regulation, but spending a lot to get a new table that could be blissed just didn't make sense to us.  Sooo,  I am making the jump!! Head first!! To a blissed Millie!!! God is good!  My Ulti I is still, and has been, an amazing machine set up.  I bought it from the original owner who sewed duvets and lined drapes together. She didn't use it much and eventually took it down and stored it for years. I bought it in 2011, added stitch regulation in 2012, quilted as I could while going through all the shoulder issues, and now am upgrading myself! I will be selling my Ulti soon, but I want to wait until my new one is here and going as I do memory quilts and other customer quilts.  At that time I'll list the Ulti for sale here.  I just have to keep pinching myself - this is real!
    I wanted to share a few pics of the memory quilts I recently made. These were made with personal love and tears as they are made from my younger brother's Lee's shirts.  He passed away at only 50 years old, and I made quilts for his daughter, grandson, and mom.  It is amazing how comforting these were to make, and so much more to see them bring comfort to them.
    Blessings to you all,   Marci, Ulti I w/Intellistitch & M&M's
    Marci's Quilting & Sewing

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    whitepinesquilter reacted to AnnP in Can Lucey handles this?   
    So... I have some sewing machine needles that are for vinyl and I tried sewing on my DSM with a walking foot. So Im going to put the tshirt quilt on my frame and quilt the border, and then Im going to quilt the Tshirts on my DSM. I cant tell her no. She knows she messed up.
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    whitepinesquilter reacted to mlsa3 in Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!   
    Beautiful quilts and I know your brother would be honored if he could see the quilts.  I also love the background for your quilt picture...love the outdoors.  Really makes the quilts pop.
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