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  1. These are some of the nicest snow dyes I've seen. Nice work! No idea what you should do with them!
  2. The Amish often take in quilts for hand quilting. Here in upstate NY they charge by the yard of thread. It turns out to not be that expensive at all. A friend had a double or bigger quilt quilted for about $250. If interested, let me know and I'll get the woman's name and address. You have to write to them to get it set up or visit if you have someone in your area. Sue
  3. Gorgeous! Love the leafy feathery part!
  4. You sure have been busy! More gorgeous quilting. I love what you did with the stack and whack background,
  5. Love the split border! Beautiful quilting.
  6. Gorgeous! I love the movement the feathers add to the quilt. So nice of you to do this for her.
  7. Looks great with a wreath! Beautiful quilting!
  8. Are you folks that use the blue pen worried about colors running. I'm so hesitant to mark with anything that takes water to remove.
  9. Stunning. Love the color choices and the zippers!
  10. Very nice Meg. I always want to try one of those snow pictures. Yours looks great.
  11. I have been approached by a local quilt shop to help with some quilting. The situation is that they had been taking in quilting but recently their machine is having some mechanical problems and they've got a back load. They may end up sending out all of the quilting eventually. I've been offered a percentage of the quilting charged. I am a newer longarmer in our area and haven't built up a large customer base yet. There are several longarmers in our area that are always busy. The last thing is the shop owner is a friend of mine. My question is, if the quilting fee were to be split, what would be a reasonable split? What have been your experiences with quilting for a shop? I don't think this is something I want to do long term unless it is profitable to me but don't mind helping out in the short term. Any advice is welcome! Sue
  12. Well deserved on all fronts. Congratulations!