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  1. 23 cones of Signature thread. All opened, but stored in plastic bags in a smoke free home. I prefer So Fine so I'm phasing out Signature. $80 for the lot with free priority shipping.
  2. I've got these. $30 plus shipping for the lot if you are interested. daviesla77@gmail.com
  3. I've got a Lot of 11 unopened 3000 yd cones of Signature cotton thread. It is 40wt. Tired of messing with it. I prefer So Fine. Going for $60 plus $10 shipping. Mallard Cobalt Blue Buttercup Praline Pink Pale Peach Misty Jade Turquoise Cherry Fawn Tangerine Holly Green I'll fill up the rest of the space in the box with cones that have already been opened.
  4. Love having the bar off. I just had to get used to the fact that I can't actually quilt in the extra space. I also have more room for my arm. It doesn't hit the clamps at the left side when I'm doing custom or get wedged in between the bar and the handle. Don't have to stuff the batting and quilt top under the bar when loading either. Don't know why I didn't do this earlier:)
  5. They fall off occasionally. I'm just aware of it and make sure they are angled slightly more toward the quilt than the floor. What do you mean about the leader? Did I take the canvas off? No. I just removed the second bar so I have more visibility. I never load the quilt top so I didn't use it
  6. I bought a 2008 used Millie a couple of years ago from a friend in my area. I was a little worried about warranty, but the machine is amazing and APQS has great customer service. Probably the best. I like having an L bobbin. I feel like I would have more tension troubles with an M since I always wind my own bobbins and the bobbin tension seems to get tighter as the bobbin unwinds. I buy rolls of batting directly from Dream. They usually ship them out quickly. Superior threads seem to run the best in my machine, but I also like Glide and occasionally Signature. And zippered leaders are the bomb! Love them. Good luck with your machine. The only thing I wish I had on mine was Bliss. 6 hours of custom quilting make the old hand ache after a while lol
  7. Sorry this isn't the best pic since I don't actually have a quilt loaded at the moment, but it gives you the idea. I have taken the quilt top roller bar off too so don't let that throw you off. So I load the quilt back onto the bars. Then I lay the batting and quilt top over the back and stitch across the batting and quilt top and both hang down over the bar closest to you when you are standing at the front of the machine. I put as many Harbor Freight magnet bars across as it takes to cover the entire quilt top leaving no space in between them. When I'm ready to advance the quilt, I put the bars on the quilt top roller bar (before I took it off) to get them out of the way. Advance your quilt. Put the bars back on across the quilt top and off you go!
  8. Yep, definitely the fabric. Try a 3.5 needle.
  9. I knot and bury in all of my quilts. I don't charge extra, it is just part of the price. It looks better and holds up better. I've had customers show me quilts where people used the tiny stitches and they were already unraveling
  10. No way you could do 7 quilts in 8 hours! I can freehand meander a small baby quilt in just over an hour. Maybe 5-6 hours hours on a medium density queen panto or 7 on one more dense. Don't try to kill yourself meeting someone else's goals. I find that if I rush a panto, the tension is not as good. I think it is better to go a little more slowly and have excellent tension on the back, especially if you are quilting for customers.
  11. Hi Debbi. I would definitely check your canvas to see if it is off a little. Are you loading the quilt top on the bar? There is a chance it might not be completely evenly rolled. I always float my tops so I can adjust them as needs be as I go. I quilt for customers and I almost never have a quilt that completely lines up every time you advance rows. As far as floating goes, I always float my quilt tops. I've been quilting for customers for 2 years now and I think I loaded one top in all that time. I bought the tool magnets from Harbor Freight. Those long black bars that you would fix to the wall and stick screwdrivers to. I think I bought 6. I feel like I have a lot more freedom to adjust the quilt top as I go and make sure everything lines up nicely. In fact, I just took the quilt top loading bar off completely and I have loads more visibility. I love it!
  12. The extra thread guide idea helped a lot. I took off the screw next to the take up lever and added a pig tail. Made a bit of a difference. However what really made the difference was retiming. I think it was off just a tiny bit. Retimed twice, with a deeper 'kiss' and that has solved it! Still keeping that extra pig tail though:) Thanks for all your help!
  13. I've threaded it up through all the holes and I tried it down through all the holes. This was something different. None of them made a difference
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