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  1. I have a blissed Millie and am looking for a used IQ ClassiQ. This one has been sold?
  2. I sent you an email with some questions. Hoping it's not sold just yet. :-) I already have the Bliss rail system, so does this mean they are not compatable?
  3. I'm considering getting the True 1/4 inch foot for ruler work. I have a 2014 Millie. Can I just get the foot, or do I need something else with it to make it work? I notice that the foot surrounds the needle and I'm wondering if those who have it already can see their work since the foot seems to come up so high? I'm still not 100% sold on the idea. Thanks for your help!
  4. Norma, Will it help if you add a washer or two to the right side of the base to even it up? Maybe under the needle plate? Just a thought.
  5. Thank you ladies. You are correct! I knew when I was writing 'fence' it didn't seem right! Frustration made me go ahead and post! I don't have any issues with the height of the base. It lays very flat. It's just the gaps. I especially have trouble with the curved rulers. They get caught on the ends. I'm doing scallops on a border right now and and when I bring the machine towards me it 'hops' at the end.
  6. My Hartley Base doesn't seem to fit right. There are gaps between the base and the front of the machine, and also between the plate over the cutter. My rulers are constantly getting caught in them and messing up my work. I'm so frustrated! I've attached a picture. Does it look right to you? I had a 2003 Millie and that one fit snug. This is a 2013 Millie with a new Hartley base and it doesn't seem to fit the same.
  7. Jim, I am on quilt #487 and my 2nd Millie. I am still learning things!! And still loving my job and this forum!!!
  8. Jim and Rita, I also use all 3 bobbins. That quilt I happened to be using pre-wounds. It helped immensely changing my needle to a ball point. I had also changed the spring in the tension assembly even tho the original didn't seem to broken or anything. That worked! I've done 2 quilts since then and have only had very few skipped stitches. I do use a TOWA gage (life changing for me!) and I don't use the bobbins that are not running smoothly off the gage, whether they are wound on my turbo winder, or prewound. I have never had a problem with magna glides. With my pre-wounds, I take the cardbo
  9. Rita, yes! Bobbin Genies! I have been using them for about 5 years now. I thought Debbie was talking about the actual discs on the tension assembly. LOL. Thanks!!
  10. Hi All, I changed the check spring, just in case... It solved most of the issues, but I don't really see anything wrong with the spring! Maybe the end of it had come out of the slot that it must go in. I also changed to a ball point needle (thank you Nigel!) and I should now be able to finish this quilt with no problems. I'm simply meandering around the 'rubbery junk', so I don't foresee any more issues. I hope! Rita, I do check under the little finger on the bobbin side at every bobbin change, but I'm not sure about the tension disks alone as Debbie mentioned. Where would I find that infor
  11. I have a new Millie (my 2nd one in 10 years!) and have quilted several quilts on it very successfully. Today I loaded a T-shirt quilt and have found that the tension is acting up. It looks very tight on the top so I have tightened the bobbin and loosened the top. Still looks the same. So I loosened the top so much that the tension discs are practically dangling and it is still looking too tight on the top! I noticed that it is occasionally skipping stitches too. I have looked at the hook assembly and the needle seems to be in the right place. I'm not afraid to time it as I have timed my p
  12. Tyra, everyone knows you on the forum already! You must the perfect new 'mom' for Millie! :-) Can't wait to order my new one!!!
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