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  1. I am doing some practice on panels - the big & small, just to try some new things.  I am not that experienced and my poor Millie was 'put on ice' for about 3 yrs, due to a home flood & subsequent move.  Now she is finally back up and 'in her own domain' and I am getting into her space and starting all over again w/ free motion/ hand guided quilting.

    I am also doing some of Angela Hoffman's quilt challenge things from fb.

    The size, for me, are basically lap quilt or event wall hanging sizes.

    Mindy Mae

  2. Hello all!

    Is anyone out there thinking of selling their IQ? I am in NW Fla.

    I have contacted people saying they were selling - but silence reigned, so I presume they are not or it is sold.  Perhaps you may be toying with the idea...

    Drop me a note - I have a 2010 Millie w/ bliss and would love, love to IQ her.

    Comments about the IQ also welcome & any advice or recommendations.


    Granola girl


  3. I actually try to stay off stitch regulator.  For me, I started free motion embroidery back in 1982, so I move my hands 'a little differently',  I think than someone who may be used to stitch regulator.  Perhaps your speed in stitch regulator isn't matching the 'cadence' of the movement of your hands.  Just a thought.  Maybe speed up your speed in stitch regulator or turn it off and 'be completely free'!


  4. Now, not to get anyone's dander up or even up on their hind legs.... a slightly different perspective

    I am a 'new er' long armer. I previously did it all on short arm or even quilt as you go. From that perspective, I was simply uneducated on this 'idea' of the quilter. I did not have any work that I had quilted by someone else, but am around most piecers in the sewing circles I am in. I have not yet long armed for someone else yet either. I do totally see the LA point of view - but I must confess - this is a newer understanding for me. I simply did not even think about it.

    So I would say - perhaps it is an educational moment for those piecers. They may be simply thinking of the design or whatever and really they do not understand / comprehend what skill goes into the quilting portion of the project.

    Jus' sayin' maybe education is the answer...


  5. Me Me Me!! I just registered! I wish I had registered a few weeks ago when I was beginning to plan what I wanted to take. :( several classes I wanted are now sold out and I am wait listed. boo

    I would love to share a full week's space at the Sheraton. I do NOT have a room booked yet and - I would dare say, the block is full, but will try.

    Anyone... anyone....

    I did stay at Hyatt Place for a couple of nights last year - super great! I just want to walk over to the classrooms instead of drive.

    I am exploring pretty much any and all options! I will be driving from Boulder Colorado and staying all week long!

    Yippee Skippee!

  6. Ready to go!!!!

    Just back from servicing! Updated to 5.5 and sews even dreamier than before!

    I did have the take up lever modified - I did not have issues with it, but I know many folks did

    This machine has less than 20 hours TOTAL on it!!! I primarily used it for piecing because of the wonderful IDT

    It does absolutely gorgeous embroidery!

    Let me know where to send it! :)

    Shipping will be about $250 depending on where you are - local pick up is available!!!

    Send me a U2U today!!! This machine wants a home for the holidays!;):)

  7. Give a gift to yourself this year!

    This machine has less than 20 hours of regular sewing ( piecing) and embroidery unit even less! Pfaff is well known for their dual feed system! No bulkly walking foot! Just engage dual feed and you 'are off to the races!'

    The 4D software is open, but unused, includes dongle! and is UNREGISTERED! In all original boxes. $400

    The Grand Hoop is also UNOPENED, includes 3 designs $200

    Get it all for only $3800 + shipping ( guessing around $75 - or local pick up FREE!)

    I will consider a 'Lay Away' situation and can take Pay Pal, so a cc is an ok form of payment!

    Pictures available!!!!