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  1. Machine is freshly back from servicing - update 5.5 installed - including the adjustment to take up lever. I personally did not have trouble with the take up lever, but I know many people did - so I had them make that adjustment as well. Get ready to sew with the IDT system, and super beautiful embroidery! Hop into the Holiday Season with a new Embroidery Machine! I am selling my barely used Pfaff CV Sewing machine with Embroidery unit and hoops. $3200 Very low 'miles' Very well cared for. Like new - all accessories, original packaging. Used mainly for sewing. Also Available -
  2. I have a laser level and I think I will give this a shot as well. Good tip! Thank you!
  3. Holy Moly Penny!!!! God WAS totally smiling on you! Not to minimize what may have happened --- BUT YOUR BRAND NEW MILLIE WAS THERE TOOO! WITH the Circle Lord. Ha - that must be it! the circle LORD! now I know I will have to look into that! I am so very glad all of you are safe
  4. THANK YOU!!! for the link to Tabbers Tempations - Trademarks I have often wondered about the 'real' legality of making something from a pattern. I have been critisized often for 'using someone's design' to make something. After all - isn't that why it is for sale? ( a pattern or design etc.) especially with fabric. I mean for heaven's sake, why would anyone simply buy fabric to just sit?? Well perhaps for 'insulation' purposes...LOL Lord knows, I live in Colorado and simply have to have A LOT of 'insulation' in my sewing room
  5. I like the idea of modern. Switching between circle swirls & something geometric or the same idea for the squares. Pics, pics when completed
  6. It is beautiful!!! I want one LOL Nice work, you should be very pleased ( and your clients)
  7. I took the machine maintanence class at MQS a couple of weeks ago and they mentioned to be sure not to over tighten the tubes that go on the table. That what she will find is that during table assembly, it can be a common problem to overtighten the tubes and it can create a bow in the center. It sounds like you may have just had cord trouble - going to that class really made me take a look at things when I got home I have also thought of mountig my power strip on the wall about waist high...
  8. I am mostly a babylock / brother for embroidery. Bernina for the rest ; ) Embroidery us a ton of fun and I loving the idea of combing long arming with embroidery.:cool:
  9. HOLY MOLY!!!! You should be very proud and feel an amazing amount of satisfaction!!! Daunting quilt and very well done! Congrats!
  10. I am loving your suggestion and hot tip about the zippered mini leader combined w/ Red Snappers. TYSM :cool:
  11. Me, me! I am driving over on Sunday and staying all week until Saturday also! Do you already have a hotel? I would be interested in sharing. I am at Hyatt place but did not get in the quilt hotel block for the show special discount. Send me a U2U if you are interested.
  12. Muscle Memory!!! that would be fantastic! Surely there are 'exercises' that will help with that. Kind of a Karate Kid (the movie) version I don't have any, so there may be on out there - and I am unaware...
  13. Most of my classes are hands on :cool: So if that sounds like you -- I may be in there too! Gee I am not excited or anything!
  14. I gues there may be more than one show going on in this time frame - I am going to Overland Park, Ks IMQS show I am signed up for maintence on Wed. also - but possibly a different show
  15. I am all registered!!! I have waffled back & forth, back & forth.... Finally, this morning I told my husband - No I won't be going..... after a day at the office, I was on my way home and decided I am DEFINITELY going! I walked in the door and got the computer up & running and IT IS DONE!!!! So silly going back & forth, I just have kids graduating and was so concerned about my timeline and fitting it all in. I even have my hotel reservation! So if anyone wants to share I got a double room at the Hyatt Place across the street from the Convention Center. I would even shar
  16. Welcome Longarm! Where is your machine? What is one your machine and any other items that we may want to know about??? How much action has your seen ... It makes it very helpful in considering a purchase. Thanks so much!
  17. Sylvia, you are SO LUCKY your bank called you!!! My debit card was breached ( 2 weeks ago) I do not usually use my debit card online, I do not have a pin number or use it in atm's. Still, it was breached. My card is lucky if it ever even leaves my underware drawer! Whomever used it had used internet routers in the UK and my bank LET THEM GO THROUGH! I was livid! They did not call me to see if it was me, I had not told them I was leaving the US ( which I wasn't) and they just let the money go. After much ado we got it squared away, but we did have 'let the person' actually steal
  18. Ok so I have a question... IF you were purchasing now ... would you get a pre owned machine w/ lift & power advance OR go for updated & brand spanky new w/power advance, quilt glide, bliss... & possibly add lift later or would that be of any consequence? And as for price - a) all things being equal irrelevant c) hey I just wanna quilt! the $$ will work itself out...!
  19. What is a 'kitchen'??? Do houses still come with those??? ROFL.
  20. This may sound like a very silly question.... oh well! :cool: Is anyone out here going to the MQS in Overland, KS in May?? I am really trying to see if I can 'fit it in' between two university graduations sandwiched on either end
  21. I must say, I have been loving reading these posts! :cool: I want to pick up all the pearls of wisdom out there and it is great to hear what people use and why. It is waaaay to easy for me to think I may use something only to realize it was a major mistake and why oh why did I get that. ( or not ... as the case may be) I am in a 'dry' area - no classes very close by, etc. I would be in the dvd crowd, so thank you, thank you for that pearl as well. Please keep it coming
  22. Absolutely STUNNING!!! If this is for a raffle - I want a ticket or two!