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  1. I have a customer quilt to do & she wants Minkee as the backing fabric. Is there a thread on here about working with it? I tried a search but came up blank. Which direction should the stretch be going? If both sides look the same, how do you distinguish which is the "right" side?
  2. I have an antique customers quilt with scalloped borders. I have zippered leaders. I've done scalloped borders in the past but they had straight edges that were going to be trimmed to scallops after quilting. This quilt already has actual scalloped borders. I've tried a search & didn't find anything. Any suggestions?
  3. I wasn't sure which ones to get except I knew I loved the swirls. I wound up ordering the king swirls, king 7 treasures, king baptist fan/clam, the spiral, the tile & the basic. There were just too many to choose from. Not sure if I made the right choice or not but it's a done deal. With my freehand I've always charged by the square inch so I will do the same with the CL. I just wasn't sure which catagory to put them in. Thanks to everyone for your answers.
  4. I recently purchased the CL. One of the things I got is the king swirls and that is what I am practicing with first. My question is: If you are doing an allover, edge-to-edge using this board, what proce catagory is it placed in?
  5. Linnea, your quilts look great. I recently bought the CL & one of the boards I got was Swirls. I've always just free handed. I really like where you used it for borders only. Thought about that the other day but saved it for later. So far I have just used mine as practice & for one QOV.
  6. I'm not a veteran but I greatly appreciate the sacrifice all military personnel & their families have made on our behalf. And I thank you all for your service. When I see someone in a military uniform I make it a point to introduce myself, shake their hand & tell them how thankful I am for warrriors like them. My youngest son is a Captain in the Army & is currently serving his 4th tour of duty in Iraq. Both of my brothers were in the Air Force & my husband was in the Army. So to all past, present & future military, I thank you. Joe Ann Wood Ohio
  7. Hi Charlene, I keep thinking about ordering from them. What all did you get?
  8. I need some advice ladies. I have a quilt to do and it is totally "homespun". Top & back. Has anyone done this before & if so, what is your advice? Did you run into any special problems with it?
  9. Jean, You said you purchased all 3 of the larger templates. Did you also get some of the smaller ones & if so, which ones do you like best? Another thing I was wondering about, since it looks like you can use the zig-zag to do crosshatching, is there any reason to purchase the crosshatching one? Does anyone have both of those?
  10. Does anyone know of a good label making program & a website where I can find it? I have Windows XP.
  11. Hi Pat, Why don't you talk to APQS & see if they have any suggestions.
  12. Update I originally posted this question & thought I would update everyone. I called the customer & explained the problem & her options. I teach quilting classes & she said to bring it back to the next class & she would fix it. I asked if she would mind if we used her quilt as a learning tool for the whole class. She was fine with that. So we spent quite awhile in class with me explaining the proper way to measure & apply borders & answering their questions. She has 5 narrow, individual borders which would be alot of stitches to remove & re-do. She thought about it for awhile & decided there was no way she was going to spend that much time on it. She wants me to go ahead & quilt it. Says she learned alot from the whole process & will count it as a learning experience. It will be a few days before I get back to her quilt but will let everyone know how it turns out. At the moment, I have the backing on for the next quilt I am doing. It is a top that my aunt cut & pieced entirely by hand. All half square triangles with 2 wide borders & a few 1/2 square triangles appliqued in the borders. Can't wait to get it done for her. Aunt Allie is 90 years old! I should live so long! For the label, I am going to print out a picture of her & I together & all information including her age. Thanks for all the info.
  13. knit2purl2 What kind of price do you put on your baby blankets, what size, etc? Do you use panels or do you piece them?
  14. Hi Darlene, I'm impressed. You did an amazing job of fixing the ruffled borders. Thanks alot for the pics. Like they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words". I may try that. Knowing this lady, I'm sure she isn't going to want to re-do the borders or pay me to re-do them. Not my favorite thing to do anyway. I have a question for you. After you pressed each section, did you pin the sides & bottom edges to the backing & batting so it would stay where you wanted it to be while quilting? Thanks Joe Ann
  15. Okay ladies, I want advise on how each of you would handle this. It's the first time it has happened to me but I am sure it won't be the last. A customer turned in a quilt top "Nana's Garden" & when I went to load it this morning I found that one of the long sides is 2" longer than the other. Also the top & bottom edges are off by 2 1/2". She has alot of narrow borders around it & I think each time she put one on, the problem just magnified itself. She gave it to me at a meeting so I didn't have a chance to check it out well at the time. Because of the design, width of the borders & magnitude of discrepencies, it can't be squared by trimming. The best idea I have come up with is to call her first & advise her of the problem. I don't think she will want to take off the borders & re-do it. If that is the case, I thought I would try to ease in the extra length & width while quilting. Anyone have any better suggestions? I will be doing an allover feathered branch with varigated thread. Thanks, Joe Ann
  16. Hi Patty, I notice that you live in Florida. Our daughter lives close to West Palm Beach. We are in central Ohio & it has been so chilly the last few days I have wished I was down there! Bet you are so excited you can't hardly stand it. I know I was. I got my Liberty in December. I was concerned about table height also but because I am petite. Unless they have changed things in the last few months, the tables for all of the machines are the same height with no adjustments unless you have the Hydraulic Table Lift. There are small adjustments you make at each leg in order to make sure it is level but nothing beyond that. Try it first & see it if works for you. I sit on a tall drafting stool to quilt & I like to be at a height that keeps my forearms parallel to the floor. If you find that you need more height, they recommend large casters. You can get them from your local Home Depot, etc. They use them for their machines at shows because they roll around easily. If your machine is on carpet that is fine but might create a problem if it is on a slick, hard surface floor. My machine is in the basement on a concrete floor & I found that there was alot of vibration that I didn't like. I purchased rubber pads like you sit furniture on, inserted felt pads & put these under the legs. Really helped. About the pins, I was told to buy the long "T" pins. I didn't like them. They made large holes & were hard for me to work with. After a few quilts, I switched to the flat, flowerhead pins. I have arthritis very badly in my hands & these pins are very easy to slip in & out of the fabrics. Some quilters think they bend too easily but I've used them for months with no problems. Everyone has a favorite. At our local quilt shop, they love to use the corsage pins. So just pick one & go with it. Buy more than you think you will need though because I thought I had bought enough the first time. WRONG! I know you will love your machine. Have fun!
  17. I have it and absolutely love it. You still have all the control over the seperate rollers if you need to adjust something on a particular quilt.
  18. I like the logic of the last answer. Mount it sideways.
  19. Wow! What a fantastic opportunity for you! Wish I could help with an answer but all the quilt shops around me have their own machines & some have more than one. Good luck!
  20. Ladies, If your not aware of it, there are 2 different kinds of dual spool holders. Vertical & horizontal. I have both on my Liberty and the adhesive they have on them is great. No need for screws. I was told to clean the surface with alcohol first & let it dry well. Be sure you place it where you want it to stay because it sure grabs & sticks! Something else that I think is well worth buying is the flywheel cover. From the front of your machine, it is placed over the flywheel on the right hand side. It keeps your thread from accidentally getting caught up in the flywheel if you have thread breadage. That's a scary thought to me & something that I sure want to avoid. Go to and then click on accessories. She has good pics of cover & both dual thread holders so you can see where to place them when used together. Very nice lady & mine came quickly.
  21. Go to and you will find a whole list of links to batting & supply companies.
  22. Everyones quilts are fantastic! Great job! I've been busy teaching basket weaving classes, visiting my daughter in Florida & getting ready for Christmas in April. Our son just got back from his second tour of duty in Iraq. We will finally get to see him on the 21st. The tree & all decorations are still up & waiting for him. I'm sure everyone that goes past the house wonders why those crazy people still have all their Christmas "yard art" still up ! But who cares! Last year we had Christmas in March. If they keep sending him to Iraq each year I will eventually just have the tree up the whole year. Hopefully I will get back to the quilting soon. But right now other things are more important. Keep quilting ladies, you are doing a great job!
  23. Mine do exactly the same thing. That method never works for me. I go by the feel of the thread when I pull on it.
  24. Kathy, I agree with you that IF the wheels had a design flaw there should be a recall. But if they are simply improving the machine then that is different. I got my Liberty in mid-December. That was only 3 months ago. Very close timing. Just a few weeks after getting it, I find out that they are changing the wheels & now I have to pay extra if I want them. I must admit that I was very disappointed with that. If it had been explained to me, I could have simply waited 2 more months. These are very expensive machines & you shouldn't have to be upgrading them a few weeks after purchase. When my machine was set up, there was a problem with the tension block from day one. It just didn't seem to fit properly. The #2 roller turned way too freely no natter what you did. I called & they were very nice about it and said it could be the tension block or it could be the table frame/roller. They were very prompt about sending a new one. BUT didn't mention to me that I was going to get a bill for $100. Now I have to pay to ship back a defective part. Apparently, once I ship them the defective part, the bill will go away. That got me to wondering how much it would cost me to ship back the frame/roller if that turns out to be the problem. When my Total Gym had a defective part, no hassle at all. They sent replacements & that was the end of it except they called later to make sure I had the part & that it fixed the problem. When my computerized treadmill stopped working, I called the company and explained what it was doing. They listed 4 things that could cause that problem. They sent ALL 4 parts & a technician to switch them out. No problem. They didn't even test to see which of the 4 things was making it foul up. They just replaced them all. Now that's what I call a warranty! No one asked me to pay to ship back defective parts and I can assure you, the cost of my total gym & treadmill was a drop in the bucket to what the Liberty cost me. APQS is the only company I have ever heard of that does this but maybe all long-arm companies do. That isn't something I checked on. Besides that, I am very happy with my Liberty.