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  1. Thanks to Angie at APQS I believe it was a loose wire! Such an easy fix!!!! Will fre him up is morning and see f all is well. Thank you everyone who replied with a suggestion! APQS s the best!!!
  2. Thanks, no battery backup. We unplugged from extension to wall and still does it. Thanks for your help
  3. That's good new bad new. We bought some a while ago but then decided it didn't need it. We have moved and 75% of belongings in storage. Including the box with the bushings. I managed to put the video on my fb page if anyone is curious. Shirley Jackson...Murray ky
  4. Anyone have a problem with the speed slowing down then racing while running your machine? My poor Freedom has been pretty much problem free for 5 years. A couple days ago I noticed he would speed up for a few stitches the hiccup and go back to normal. A couple times I've stopped him but in like 30 seconds of being off he will all of a sudden surge with a few more stitches. He is standing still so stitch regulator shouldn't be the issue. We have checked all the power connections and they are secure. Hubby checked the belt and that to looks good. Any suggestions? Thanks ever so much. E
  5. Thanks, I'm really pleased, so is my customer.
  6. Trying one more time to see if they are all upside down
  7. DONE!! And I love it! I always worry that my ideas won't turn out. This time it WORKED! Thanks for your help. I appreciate the suggestions!
  8. Thanks all, this has been the week from he((. But I just have two borders to finish. I'll post a picture later today. I use my iPad and Adobe draw. It's a free app and I hope to figure out overlays. Then I can trace a panto from a picture and overlay it on a quilt to audition the design.. Thanks agsin
  9. This is funny, without even reading a couple...been busy working on it...I DID use some of your suggestions! GMTA It is turning out beautiful!!
  10. Those are great ideas! Thank you !!! I went back to he drawing board and tried this. Customer wants feathers, the more the better...lol Going to try without the pebbles today.
  11. I'm at a loss! The center has me stumped. The fabric strips have some musical notes so she wants a music theme to the quilting. The center strips are only an 1" wide so not much can be done . But I'm wondering if I should group a section not treat each strip as an individual. In the corners I'm going to do a G clef and feathers in the borders Any suggestions are greatfully accepted TIA
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