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  1. More details about this machine: The throat opening is 26" deep and 10.5" high. It has a stitch regulator, electronic horizontal and vertical channel locks, lower thread cutter, needle up/down position, front and back laser light, updated with quick change hopping foot.
  2. Hi, Cagey. It works fine. I had to tighten the tension so it would wind more thread on the bobbins. Also, the post had these ridges that were too rough and it made it hard to take the bobbins off. That problem resolved itself with use. I got a good price on it, though. Beats the $300 for the APQS stand alone winder. This machine has an on board winder that works, too.
  3. 2002 Millennium on 12' auto advance table. Asking $7,500 Located in Marion, IA Includes: New leaders with leader zippers User Manuals An assortment of paper pantographs On board and stand alone bobbin winder 90 cones of thread Many bobbins and 4 bobbin cases Hartley Fence and Hartley ruler base Rulers I recently had the machine serviced by APQS in Carroll, IA. It has new M&M wheels, a new computer board, new horizontal lock solenoid, new hook, bearings greased and packed. This machine stitches beautifully and is a joy to use. Let me know if you have any questions.
  4. Do you have some pantos to destash? I'm starting a Longarm rental program and I need to build a small library of panto patterns. Thanks!