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  1. I bought the 8" and the 15" rulers and I love them both.Like them better than any other straight rulers I have tried.And yes I have used the 8" up side down,works great.
  2. Help please.I am looking for two or three yards of fabric to make border on my king size quilt.It is Winter Magic style# G8555 by Hoffman Fabrics.I have been online for two hours or longer checking every where I can think of and so far nothing.I have finally got back to quilting and all going so well till I hit this snag.But even tho the set back I am happy to say I have finally finished two of my very own quilts.So not all has been lost.But sure wanted to finish the next one as I was hoping to fall off the deep end and do more custom work on the next quilt as it too is for myself.As I now hav
  3. Hi Teresa, One block will work just fine for me.I Have all my blocks finished and going to post office in the morning.For once I'm not late! Fran
  4. Sorry posted to the wrong page.Try again.Is it too late to join the swap? I would like to do light houses or something with sea shells.Thought I would do embroidery designs.
  5. Would like to know if it is too late to join? I was thinking lighthouses or sea shells.Which I would like to embroider. Fran
  6. I'm looking at the quilt path,thinking I might like to purchase one.What can you tell me about your experience using this program?
  7. quilt path what do you like most in it's features?

  8. As one newbie to another don't give up! Dec.the 23rd I wll have had my Millie for two years.I have only quilted five quilts and several practice pieces. At first I was afraid of the machine feeling I would do something wrong and mess it up.Then had the mind set that not using it,it was messed up and not doing me any good.So what did I have to loose? Then the controll buttons keeping that in mind and getting that set in mind was a bit of a trick at first. I like pantos as I like quick and easy but my dream is more free motion work.Feathers of any style is what I aim to be able do to one day.A
  9. Dawn, Thanks for the great explanation.This sure will help and make much easier the first time around.I have two baby quilts I just made for my new twin grandsons and wanted to freemotion name and such in the center block.Knowing how to set broundries for panto helps. Fran
  10. Yes and no.They have only a limited amount ready and those are going to replace in the kit that customers bought when first offered the interchangeable feet.That's what I was told.The 1/4" and open toe 1/4" foot is what they redesigned and replacing.That was a couple of weeks ago,so may have more ready.
  11. Karen McTavish is in Two Harbors,Mn.Not sure if that is near where you will be vivisting.Just an idea.Good luck.