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  1. Thank you to those interested, but they are now sold!!
  2. I didn't receive anything, feel free to email me at kpquilting@yahoo.com Thanks!
  3. I am selling the following pantos and would like to sell the following as a package. Feel free to contact, either by email or phone. Coming from Iowa Music notes, Dave Hudson, 11" Double Cotton Candy, Norma Sharp 12" Tear Drops, Keryn Emmerson 9" Windy Meandering, Sew-phie Quilts 12 1/2" Basket Case, Miki & Diane 8 1/2" Leaf & Scroll, Golden Threads 10" Double Plume, Golden Threads 7" Ribbons & Roses, Willow Leaf 12" Double Plume, Keryn Emmerson 7" Want to sell as a package deal. $75.00 plus shipping. Nothing wrong with these, just trying to downsize!! Exce
  4. I know that when a deer gets gut shot that it leaves a bad smell. Possibly the smell is from the accident. The trauma of the accident usually messes up the muscles and such, making it a little different to eat than a normally shot deer. Kelly
  5. I guess I take exception to what most of the girls have said. I bought my longarm without even touching one before I got mine. From my stand point, I had to LEARN everything. Maybe I'm just slow, but everything was new to me. Therefore, ruler work was not any different. I know that everyone in my area said that SID was hard, but I needed to make my payment every month so I jumped in head first. Why is ruler work so much harder to learn than anything else? Because we listen to what everyone else has to say instead of making up our own mind. Were you born with the talent of feathering al
  6. Just send an email to Mari-Lee and let her know that you want to purchase offline. It isn't a problem. The email address is offtheedgequilting@yahoo.com. Goodluck!! Kelly
  7. offtheedgequilting.com also has base plates Goodluck! Kelly
  8. I have made a quilt with the bags before. I prewashed them and pressed and cut them. I didn't use any interfacing. I bought some cheap flannel to put with it. I figured there was no sense in putting good flannel in the quilt because the bags were not made of good flannel. I figured that it would wash and wear the same. I ended up making a rail fence with the monogram in the center log. It turned out really well. Good luck!! Kelly
  9. Did you come up with the idea of these circles? I saw them at MQS last year, but haven't seen much lately.
  10. There is no need for any special tools for these designs. In the beginning I tried to use a panto for clamshell and ended up with a disaster. If you have well marked circles--that is all you need. The quarter markings are the important ones. Nested circles wouldn't be the easiest thing to use. For the baptist fans, just use even increments of the four different circles and you can make them continuously. Goodluck!! Kelly
  11. I would like to sell my daughters Janome Hello Kitty sewing machine. At the most, it only has about 8 hours of sewing done on it. It is 3/4 size and has the 1/4" foot on it as well as bobbins, needles, etc... I have bought a new sewing machine and she is using my old one is the reason for selling. I know that some of the girls like these machines for retreats. Thanks! Kelly
  12. The new things this year, which were brought out at Houston are the Deep Wave and the Paisley Pallet. So sorry girls, but this will give you an excuse to attend another show! Kelly
  13. Due to a personal conflict, Off the Edge will not be participating at MQX this year as advertised. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause some of you, but hope to see you at MQS in May. We are passing this news on now because the conflict just arose. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions about our schedule in the next couple of months feel free to check out our website or email us with any questions!! Offtheedgequilting.com Offtheedgequilting@yahoo.com Kelly Phillips
  14. Kelly

    Customer service

    One is being sent. The retaining finger had a flaw in it. I sanded it down and it's a little better, but still having an issue here and there. Phew, I hope this takes care of it!! Kelly
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