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  1. Matt the app is from Superior Threads. It is called "How Much Thread Does it Take?". I downloaded it from Apple's App Store and it's free. I don't know if it is available for Android devices. It provided me with some basic yardage numbers to calculate how much thread I might use.
  2. I am trying to figure out how to charge for thread. Most people in my area seem to charge a flat rate of $5 for solid colors and $10.50 for variegated thread. I have found one that charges $2 per bobbin. I have an app on my IPad from Superior Threads that gives you an estimate of how much thread it will take to quilt a top of a given size and density of quilting. Based on this app a queen size quilt with medium quilting would be 1,000 yards for the top or 2,000 for top and bobbin. Usiing this assumption I have calculated cost based on wholesale priciing. The lowest cost for a solid color poly with a prewound bobbin was $3.71 up to a high of $5.43. On the variegated threads in poly it ran from $8.27 to $15.53. Charging by the bobbin for 2000 yards resulted a range of $4.80 to a high of $16.59. How do you all calculate your thread cost? Thank you all for your advice.
  3. Thank you all so much for your wonderful advice. It has helped clear up the confusion a great deal. Now I have a place to start making a plan on what to purchase and what can wait. Thanks again for everyones help.
  4. Hi Everyone, I have had my Millennium since Thanksgiving week but have just started to seriously use it. I have a lot of sewing related purchases that sounded good at the time and now are collecting dust. I don't want to spend excess money on things that aren't really useful. I am finding out I have many questions with regard to how many pantographs I need for starting my business, what rulers are necessary and what acrylic templates I need. I am worried about buying things I won't really need. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for your help.