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  1. My back thread is lying flat on the fabric and the question that I have - When I loosen the bobbin thread it still pulls very hard to the top. Wouldn't the thread pull easier to the top when the bobbin has been loosened? I have tried different thread and it is still leaving eyelashes on the bottom. Does anyone have any suggestions? THanks
  2. I have a 2011 Lucey for sale with a 12" table. Comes with the standard features 26" throat stitch regulator Automatic Needle positioner Single stitch button Laser Light Upgraded Bliss ($1,000) Multi-position handles ($495) This has been a great machine to work with. Similar as Millie but not all the bells and whistles and the price reflects it! Just had a mini spa done and work wonderfully. I am upgrading to a Freedom. Located in SW Minnesota Asking $9,500 Shelley
  3. thanks! I was wondering how to soak it without removing it
  4. I have a 2011 Lucey and recently have been having problems with the thread breaking. It started on a customers quilt that had a heavier fabric backing. I would meander 10- 20" and then the thread would break. Since that quilt i put a cotton front and back and the thread still breaks. I have rethread the machine tried a different thread on top and bottom, oiled it and it still does this. Anyother suggestions?
  5. Does anyone have a good sugestion for a magnifier to attach to my longarm? I have reader glasses but of course they are always in a different spot when I need them. I have a Lucey and any suggestions would be great. Thanks
  6. Setup my new Luci today and have it all loaded. In manual mode stitching is looking fine. When I switch to SR it continues to beep. Isn't it supposed to quit? Maybe I need to adjust something? Thanks for the help on a holiday weekend. Shelley
  7. The machine is in Minnesota about 4 hours away and the owner isn't home for about a week so I will get a chance to talk to her later for more details.
  8. I am looking at an Ult 1. It was purchased in 1996 by current owner. What things do I need to look for on this model? It has a 14" table , auto needle positioner and lower thread cutter. Any help would be wounderful. This would be my first longarm and don't need to make costly mistake. Thanks:)