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  1. Good news on the shipping front! Some of these pantos are going to fit into a medium flat rate box. If they do, shipping is $13.60 with insurance included up to $50. I believe insurance from the free $50 up to $100 is $2.65. I will cover insurance after $100.
  2. Marti, Deb, Donna, thank you for the emails! I sent you each one back
  3. All have sold. Thanks! I have 80 pantos I'd like to sell, $8.50 each. If you have an interest, please email me for a list at BLHUTCHERSON @ SBCGLOBAL.NET (no spaces). I can probably fit quite a few in a USPS flat rate priority board game box that ships for $18.95 plus insurance. Once I send the list you will have 24 hours to respond with your choice and then I will send what's left on the list to the next person in line. I prefer Paypal. Please send payment via Paypal when you reply with your choices. I also have OMNI threads for sale if anyone is interested.
  4. I have the following for sale. I haven't quilted for over a year and am trying to clear some things out. I will be listing some more books for sale soon. I also have some OMNI threads listed for sale. I mention this in case you'd like to include them in your box. Shipping is not included. I will try to find the smallest box possible to fit the items. Insurance is up to you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ $20 for all PajamaQuilter PajamaQuilter Reloaded DVD & Workbook PajamaQuilter Rethreaded Workbook (companion to DVD) ß I do not have the DVD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Myrna Ficken – Fowlproof Feathers (2 disk set) - $10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ $15 -- Lisa Calle DVD – Feathers of a New Generation (1 DVD – opened)
  5. Due to illness, I have not been quilting in a while. Up for your consideration is a large batch of OMNI. Most have never been used. Some wrappers are missing as they were likely shipped to me from Superior Threads in loose crinkly plastic bags around the cone instead of the shrink wrap. I will also include an OMNI 172 color chart with actual threads. I did do some highlighting on the color chart of the colors that I had at one time and the chart is cut a little bit so that it would fit into my binder. I am asking $450 for all 51 cones plus shipping,, or $10 a cone plus shipping. Buyer will be responsible for shipping and insurance (if insurance is desired). I will not be held responsible once the thread has left my hands. Shipping from California. I will accept Paypal, check, or money order. Funds must clear before shipping ** I have used these 2 cones (blue ice and steel blue) before but there is plenty left on the cones. The other 49 cones I believe are all new, never used. 3117 -- PLUSH PURPLE 3118 – BYZANTINE PURPLE 3112 – WATERLOO 3124 – LAVENDER 3115 – LIGHT MULBERRY 3114 – FROSTED LILAC 3136 – LIGHT MAUVE 3168 – GREENSLEEVES 3085 – GROVE 3166 – SPRING GREEN 3165 – BRIGHT LIGHT GREEN 3167 – BRIGHT GREEN 3074 – SPEARMINT 3081 – CITRUS MINT 3063 – WINTER WELL 3060 – WHISPER GREEN 3058 – VALLEY BREEZE 3155 – TANGERINE 3055 – ORANGE GLOW 3053 – SCHOOL BUS 3052 – DAISY 3049 – CHEESECAKE 3039 – LEMON CREAM 3152 – CLIMBING ROSE 3161 – BEGONIA 3131 – LIGHT ROSE 3148 – BAHAMA SAND 3106 – BORA BORA 3102 – ADRIFT 3090 – MEDIUM TURQUOISE 3096 – TREASURE ISLE 3071 – BEACH GRASS 3088 – SKYWARD 3070 – FOUNTAIN MIST 3087 – BLUE ICE ** 3110 – STEEL BLUE ** 3022 -- SILVER 3021 – ASH GRAY 3031 – CINNAMON STICK 3027 – OREGON TRAIL 3012 – DARK TAN 3018 – OAK 3013 – BAMBI 3010 – SANDBAR 3019 – GOOSE 3007 – ASH 3062 – CREEK BED 3005 – SESAME SEEDS 3015 – TAPESTRY TAUPE 3005 – ALMOND 3011 – BUFF
  6. Thank you all for the well-wishes. The last month has been a flurry of doctor visits and just trying to cope day to day with the exhaustion, shortness of breath and dizziness. I did get into see a Lyme specialist in San Diego. It was a 5 hour trip one way but worth it. Apparently, I also have Bartonella (cat scratch fever). He's suggesting a TWO YEAR regimen (ugh) of treatment and my first month of medicine, generic!, would have been $5000 out of pocket had I not had insurance. I pray the insurance keeps covering the meds but it is probably doubtful as the medical community isn't open to treating chronic infections -- well, except AIDS maybe. From what I understand my treatment is rotating round of different meds, antimalarials first to treat the Babesia, and antibiotics for the Lyme and Bartonella. I've had to go sugar-free, dairy-free, and grain-free, but for the grain-free, I'm going to do gluten-free first. I've lost 20 pounds without trying. No complaints about that part because I'm fairly overweight! But I do miss my favorite foods!! Ardelle, I've been following your blog via email. That's about the only thing I follow quilting-wise anymore! How exciting to be moving your shop. Your blog posts always put a smile on my face every time I see a notice of a new post, so thank you for those! Connie, so many illnesses can cause depression and anxiety. I hope one of your doctors has done some testing for you. I never knew this until I started researching Lyme and thyroid problems. I hope you are doing better and beating it! Deb, that's good news that your SIL is doing well now from her Lyme. From what I hear, a few don't recover or have to start treatment later because of relapses. I have a client who is possibly terminally ill with cancer and I have two of her quilts in progress. I keep hoping to find the energy and a day when I'm not dizzy to finish her quilts. Corey, let me know if you want me to send anyone your way! I've been turning people away!
  7. It's funny how life can change in a moment and all things that you love doing don't seem important anymore. It's been a few months since I've been here participating and loving all the eye candy quilts you ladies create. This morning, I woke up and realized how much I miss sewing and quilting and seeing what everyone here is up to and thought I could at least log on every now and then and enjoy you all even if I'm not doing much myself. Last December I found I had a thyroid problem and expected getting on medicine would help fix me, but it didn't. Then in September I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme and Babesia of all things! At this point I'm still undergoing testing. The upsetting thing is that no one caught my illnesses early on (despite having tons of symptoms) and it's taken a bit of a toll on my joints and health, but hopefully with treatment things will improve. I teased my husband the other night that I may have to sell my quilting machine to pay for treatment if our insurance won't. The health care system frowns on long term antibiotic treatment and it can cost literally $1500 or more a month just for antibiotics and anti-malarial drugs. I wonder if anyone here has Lyme or a co-infection?
  8. Thanks for the ideas, ladies! We are going to look next into the Lazy Boy and will check the others out. I hadn't heard of Mayo, Carmen! I will see if someone around here carries it. Oma, we just got back from Oregon. We left Thursday morning, too! It was blazing hot in Redding at 115 degrees when we drove through and stopped at Walmart there. And here we thought it would be cooler than the valley. Apparently, Northern California and Southern Oregon had a heat spell! It was sad to see Shasta Lake so low Have a safe drive home! If you've never taken the 101 and you don't mind the extra miles, it's oh so beautiful!
  9. We are looking to buy a sectional for our living room. We'd like to find a quality sectional with cushions that won't flatten out in a couple of years. If you have one you love, could you please share the name with me?
  10. Beautiful! The letters/numbers wow!! Any tips you'd like to share about how to do those so nicely?
  11. Carmen, great tip!! That is usually my problem, not enough fabric for the full 9 inches. But I have a bunch of good muslin on hand
  12. Jennifer, you brought up so many good points about the 9 inch being the better way to go. I hadn't really considered it, but yes, the doubled fabric of the 9 inch piece would be much stronger and would hold up better in the long run!
  13. Sue, I love the corner triangles idea! It's one I had been meaning to try one day and totally forgot about it. I'm so glad you posted about it! And yep, that's the link! For some reason, I can't copy and paste to this site any more since I got my new computer last year with Windows 7.
  14. EDIT: The link doesn't appear to be working as I've typed it below. You can search you tube for Lisa Bongean Quilt Sleeve and it will come up! I've only put one or two quilt sleeves on a quilt before because I so hate the process and it seemed like a lot of waste of material (I used some directions online that required 9 inches of fabric x the width of the quilt and that always seems like a LOT of fabric, 9 inches!). The other day I ran across this video by Lisa Bongean that requires 4 inches of fabric x width of quilt and has a neat tip of using glue, too. With this method, I actually might be more inclined to add a sleeve to my wall quilts with my leftover backing. I thought I'd share the you-tube link here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isiH2R2J4wE
  15. I actually got that it was for marking. :) I did put my shirt on inside out this morning though and walked around that way for two hours before noticing.
  16. How precious she is!!! Congratulations to you and your family! I'm glad to hear all is now better with your darling baby.
  17. Linda, I'm so glad you explained it again. I got it this time, but my brain is functioning today! Boy I sure wish I had that channel lock feature as that sounds like a fantastic way to do the border piano keys! Nothing worse than having a slanty piano border, even after you've spent time marking both sides.
  18. Linda, I meant that to be funny but I missed the mark. I'm on some medicine and some days my brain just doesn't work -- actually a lot of days this month. I was going to go back and read your post again on a better day. I apologize to everyone as if I hadn't made that statement, I'm sure Linda's post would still be there. I'm such an idiot. I'm sorry, Linda.
  19. OMG, I was able to follow every single thing you said BEFORE "I mark piano keys to fit a border." :lol:
  20. You do such nice work, Corey! If it's not too hot in September, I may have to see it in person. I haven't done anything with blocks yet either. Was it really two years ago we made these?
  21. Lyn, Deloa's Angle Angel looks neat! I may have to own one of them!! Did you see her Super Star templates? Those could be fun, too! I'm not sure if this will help but Deloa's 15 inch and 20 inch boomerangs measure about 13 inches. The Puzzle Pearls look a little hard to use. I love the ones I got from Off The Edge Quilting. They are easy for my arthritic hands. They are out of business but Longarm University has something similar as does Handi Quilter. Possibly others. I like that the hopping foot can slip into the inside of the circle without having to take the circle apart like you'd have to do with Deloa's. Bonnie
  22. Oh!!!!!! That is so gorgeous!!!!!! I'm absolutely *****IN LOVE***** with the feathering around the outside triangles and how you brought it into the middle square, too. What a gift to "see" how to design your quilting like that!!! How could your customer NOT like it? It is beautiful!
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