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  1. My favorite tip on this is one I came up with myself. Buy one of those cheapie electric toothbrushes from the Dollar Store, preferably with soft bristles. Dip it in a glass of water, shake off the excess, and then turn the brush on and gently brush your quilt with it. That electric sonic motion is pretty effective in closing up the holes.
  2. Is it possible that you had the machine plugged in during a storm? I hope in the meanwhile, you've had a call into APQS service. They're pretty good at answering questions over the phone. You might want to unplug it, replace the fuse, and see if that helps. Otherwise, there might be damage to the circuit boards.
  3. I had a bad run-in with Dave too. He came to my home and 'fixed' my Liberty (they don't make those anymore) and totally messed up my IQ. Thankfully, an Intelliquilter upgrade allows me to set the motor strength automatically now. He also forgot to tighten down the needlebar after timing the machine. When I ran an intricate pattern after his 'service', the timing slipped and wrecked the pattern. I took me three weeks to rip out all the stitches on my client's quilt. Never, in this whole mess, did I blame Deloa, who I've always considered a friend since I met her back in 2005 (I think), and Jessica has been my Facebook friend (through a recommendation from Bethanne Nemesh) for a couple of years now. I'll never let Dave anywhere near me, but would gladly embrace Deloa or Jessica. If he's wronged you, let him know. Leave the others out of it.
  4. Oh wow. I guess I haven't checked in here in many moons. I didn't know of Rita's passing. She will be missed.
  5. Check out the special exhibits - I'm the USA coordinator of the World Painters Challenge exhibit. It's fabulous! Have a great time while you're there.
  6. IQ rocks. The possibilities are virtually endless with it. Resizing and tweaking designs to exactly fit your clients' wonky blocks is a breeze, and the customer service is beyond compare. Worth every single penny.
  7. I'm sure you had your reasons. That's a wonderful machine and a great price! I hope you find a buyer soon.
  8. Wow! Lots of quilts, and all of them nicely done.
  9. Oh how exciting. I hope you're up and running in no time!
  10. I'm sure they'll make this right for you. Superior is a very reputable company.
  11. I've had my machine for 11 years. I put a new brake on it about four years ago. I have to retighten that screw probably once every other week. I think it's just the way it is.
  12. I was essentially legally blind without corrective lenses - 20/1450 in one eye and 20/1600 in the other. I had lasik surgery about 15 years ago and now I just wear reading glasses. Generally, I just use a +2 for reading my computer screen or the paper. I use those for quilting too, unless I'm doing really detailed stuff or need to pick stitches out. Then I have a pair of +3 that I will use, but only for short periods of time. My vision without lenses is 20/15 in both eyes. Lasik was the best thing I ever did.
  13. I use Glide almost exclusively. And, you'll never catch me winding a bobbin. Magna Glide or Magna Quilt, all the way. I do use Essence (clear) for SID a lot, and I occasionally use Cairo Quilt, So Fine, or solid King Tut, but 99.9% of the time, it's Glide.
  14. I never use those Heirloom packages from Hobbs. While I love their batting, I buy it on the roll, the bolt, or the Tuscany packages that are folded into a rectangle or square. Those bolster-type packages are always distorted.
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