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  1. Does that include the bobbins too? I will send you a PM.
  2. I sold my machine a couple years ago, so I no longer need the thread for it! I am offering it in three bundles or all of it for $125 plus shipping. 11 Spools of So Fine from Superior + 1 Twist - $30 + shipping 10 Spools of Glide from Fil-Tec + 2 Spools of Affinity + 4 mini Spools of Glide + 1 mini spool perish - $48 + shipping 5 Boxs of Fil-Tec bobbins of varying usage + 6 Magna Glide bobbin jars - $75 + shipping
  3. I can't remember if I bought this book or received it during a class I took. I would like $15 shipped using media mail. I believe it is the same book as below, but with a different cover. http://www.thequiltedrose.com/shop/product/fancy-feathers-1/
  4. I am selling my set of "Pocket Guides to Freehanding" by Darlene Epp for $40 shipped.
  5. I have some available. Please see my post for details.
  6. The following pantos are for sale. Each $12 shipped or All for $50 shipped. Let me know if you have any questions. Unfortunately, I am having trouble attaching the picture of the pantos. They are available to view at either Golden Threads or Urban Elementz websites. Golden Threads - goldenthreads.com Petaluma Pashmini Featheration Urban Elementz - urbanelementz.com Ornament Wisteria Holly Bows Price changed, as one panto is sale pending.
  7. I have sold the Ultimate 1. I think it has ended up in wonderful hands!
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