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  1. My Freedom needs a house call. I installed new wheels but can't get the machine to move the way I want it to. Scared to work on a quilt. How can I find someone to help me out? My usual service person hasn't answered my phone calls. Is there anyone else out there? I am in southwestern Michigan.
  2. I have stopped lurking online and am looking for some tips, so I hope you wonderful ladies can help me. A client brought me a t-shirt quilt and wants a panto design quilted in. I have never done a t-shirt quilt on my LA. Can the logos be sewn through safely? Any other considerations before I give this a shot? I have seen this done, but it was long before I got my LA. Any help will be truly appreciated! I have had my Freedom for almost a year and absolutely love it! Laura
  3. Hi! I've been reading and learning from you gals for awhile and decided to enter the ring today! The Quilt Batt at night and mild-mannered science teacher by day, I have a Freedom LA and absolutely love it!! Sure beats grading papers. My confidence increases with each quilt - so far I've only had happy customers. Spring break starts at 3 p.m. so the thread will be flying later today. Thanks for all of your help, past and future. Laura