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  1. Cathy All the pantographs are gone. I still have all the Circle lord boards!!
  2. I have recently upgraded to a computer and have the following boards & templates for sale! I loved using these. I'm asking $150 each, or all 7 for $850 including shipping. I also have some design templates. Thanks for your interest! I also have several pantographs for sale- PM me for a full list of 50+. Prefer to sell as a set, Make me an offer!! Vickie Smith vickie@quiltingbyvickie.com Giant boards: the Baptist fan/clam shell Square Dance 7 Treasures of Buddha Bubbles Egyptian eye Sakura Cosmo (king size) Design Templates: $40 each or all for $300 plus shipping Feathers Micro feathers Starz Ovals Aztec Ginko Spiro Thingy 13" Crosshatch board 18" 1" Crosshatch
  3. QuilterB

    ISO- Design Boards

    Hi I have some Circle lord boards . They are 12-15 " boards queen size. If interested let me know and I'll send you details of what I have! Vickie
  4. QuilterB

    Hobbs batting, 80/20 blend

    Yes it is. It is one of my favorites!
  5. QuilterB

    Fil tec changing

    Carmen- Thanks for checking on this. I am just getting longarming part-time right now so do not have a resale tax ID. I LOVE these threads! i have ordered from them for about 2 year snow! Good news-
  6. QuilterB

    Looking to buy

    Lucky you! Have fun.
  7. QuilterB

    A laugh for a rainy Monday

    So true- Our guild had Cathy Miller perform once and she was fabulous! Very fun and entertaining. She also offers workshops. FYI.
  8. QuilterB

    Flowers in winter!

    Wow- love it!!
  9. QuilterB

    Black/white/grey DWR

    Beautiful! I love the quilting you did.
  10. QuilterB

    Do you name your machine?

    I call my gal Gertie!
  11. QuilterB

    feminine, flowery pattern

    I just finished a quilt and used Serene Featehrs- by One Song and really like it. Check it out. http://www.digitechpatterns.com/product_p/dk6003panto.htm
  12. Thanks so much. I used Timeless Treasures. Joann carries them online and I also found them at my local store. I really enjoyed doing it and my friend was thrilled.
  13. Okay ladies here is a New York Beauty diversified I did in a class with Linda Hahn. Totally hand guided. I have this hanging in my office and it always makes me happy!
  14. Thanks everyone. I do love the CL boards. I also have some custom work I need to post. At work now so will get some up soon! I love all the inspiration I have gotten here! Thanks again!