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  1. Our guild show was last weekend . We gave 10 magazines to everyone who left, starting an hour before to show ended. Not worth the effort to try to sell them. Bev
  2. Pepsi, I so feel your pain! Do you have a plexiglass panel for sampling? You can use a whiteboard marker on it to try ideas. Much easier to wipe off the marker than removing stitches. (Put blue painters tape around the edges so you don't mark on the actual quilt. ) Bev
  3. I recently quilted a bunny quilt for a client who requested lots of feathers. The bunnies were McTavished. Here are some of the feathers in the border of the bunny quilt
  4. I quilted this vbunny quilt recently. My client asked for lots of feathers.
  5. After the last applique I quilted that had many, many circles, I (Jokingly) told my friends that I was going to start charging by the CIRCLE, not the inch! Bev
  6. I helped hang 230 GORGEOUS appliqued quilts for the Feather Princess Quilt Show in Tampa, Florida. Please stop by if you are in the area! Bev (Pictures added tomorrow.)
  7. Great quilt, I really like the quilting in the black. Bev
  8. Ardelle, I finished Edeta's pattern Applique Affair three years ago, but haven't quilted it. Your gorgeous treatment of this quilt is an inpiration for me to spend some time quilting my own piece! The quilt top is beautiful, and the quilting stunning! Bev
  9. Diane, That is a beautiful quilt, I Love the way you quilted it. Bev
  10. Della, you really made this into a beauty! Bev
  11. Zora, You quilting is spectacular! Lovely job! Bev