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  1. So beautiful. Linda, as always, you make it sparkle without going overboard. Your quilting always blows me away. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and knowledge on this forum.
  2. Stunning! The simple (not so simple to do!) quilting gives it such beautiful movement. Love the smaller tumbler, too.
  3. Oma! Oma! Oma! Thank you so much! I have been trying to do this since April and your instructions finally were the ones that were so precise I finally got it. Had to put the string of letters and numerals in by hand four or five times but it was so worth it. Happy New Year!
  4. I've tried copying and pasting and copying the URL and neither one works. I've been trying to do this since and on....of course:D I guess I will remain nameless LOL!
  5. Barb you have such a beautiful attitude. There is peace in believing little Rocky is bounding around in heaven. After losing my beloved Daisy and Holly I thought I could never love another dog again. But, here's Hailey, our third Golden Retriever who has taught me to love unconditionally again. I hope you find a new dog soon and if Rocky returns you'll just have that much more fun and love!
  6. A prayer for Gerald and a prayer for strength for all his loved ones.
  7. Sheri, Do you have a link to the quilt? Love it! Sure would like to find the pattern. Thank you,
  8. Congratulations! Bravo! You are amazing and so deserve each blue ribbon. LOVE your work.
  9. It's gorgeous! There's a lot of time and love in this quilt. Your sister is going to be so flattered that you went to all this effort for her.
  10. Barb, your quilting is stunning. You may want to take a look at this site: as a start. And perhaps call the company that produces Orvus for their thoughts. When I went to the home page for the yarn tree site I noticed a fairly active Message board so was thinking there may be some people on there with experience with this issue. In the 70's, Bucilla was one of the main companies producing the better quality quilt kits for retailers. I believe they are now owned by Plaid Enterprises. A call to them may produce some info, as well. I have some of the samples from those old kits that I have washed a lot in my home machine and at laundromats as they are really heavy. I've just used whatever detergent was in vogue (lol) at the time and they have been just fine. There aren't any blue markings on them. Although I don't remember them being on them originally either.I purchased them directly from Bucilla as store models. I'm not sure how good my memory is for something I purchased in the 70's! If you haven't already started the last one perhaps you could test an area and see what works. I believe they still make these kits so if you can get ahold of one it probably tells you what method to use to remove the markings. That simple idea just popped into my "bird brain" and may be the best solution! Lastly, if you would like me to experiment with any ideas you come up with on the old samples I have just let me know. They've been very well used! And, have had just about any kind of human, food and pet stain on them you can imagine. We now take them to the beach for the grandkids to play on. IF they had ever looked as beautiful as yours I promise they would have received a lot more respect!
  11. Glad to hear it's all working out. You received excellent advice here. Many of us learned from your experience. Hope to see the finished quilt!
  12. What wonderful news. I just want to hug her, she's so adorable and so brave. I will pray for continued good news.
  13. Sylvia, Just checking in to see how you're doing. I think about you every morning when I take my little blue pill. Hope you're doing OK.
  14. Debi, You have a wonderful husband and it's so beautiful that you recognize it. Your quilting room sounds just fabulous. The weekend probably can't get here fast enough. Pretty soon you'll be moving around your new 49+lb baby! Can't wait for the pictures.
  15. Oma, I really like it. Love how the big blocks show off the fabric and the quilting. I'm putting this in my favorites for two, I love the quilt and your quilting ideas, and two, when I need a ray of sunshine this will brighten me up! Hope you get your wheels figured out. You have a gorgeous new studio, now you need your machine to cooperate. Maybe we should all make ourselves some quilted jammies! Wholecloth, quilted jammies and robe.....the ultimate! It least for those of us in the "snow belt"!
  16. That's great news! Every once in a while we need a tune-up don't we.
  17. Thinking of you! Hopefully you have an "easy delivery"! Can't wait for the pictures of that new "baby"!
  18. Hi Sylvia, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism last year. The doctor put me on levothyroxine. It took a few months to figure out what dosage I should be on but mine has leveled out and I feel much better. I'll be on the medication the rest of my life and will have to have frequent blood teats. I had several of the symptoms but never thought about it being my thyroid. I'd gained some weight, my nails were peeling, I was depressed, fatigued, loss a lot of my strength. I thought all of that was from all the end of life issues I've been dealing with the past three years with my parents and in-laws. Luckily, my doctor knows me well and said he thought it was something more and ordered the blood work. My doctor also said he's seen a big increase in patients being diagnosed with it. As long as we stay on the meds we should have a "normal" life. As I remember my test came back at 118 the first time so you're a little bit ahead of me. I hope you can get on medication soon and start feeling better. It does take a few weeks for it to level out. Hope this helps. And, hey, if you're on your "last leg" then I am, too. We'll meet in Quilter's Heaven. Please bring "Missy" and I'll bring lots of fabric!
  19. Awesome, Corey! And so well deserved! They're beautiful. Congratulations.