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  1. Myrna, I loved looking at your quilts - I must go back when I have more time to oogle over all of your quilt pics. Thanks for sharing. I just may have to dust off my Hartley Fence now. Melinda
  2. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I have just returned from 5 fabulous days in the mountains and am feeling relaxed and ready to tackle the tension beast. I know that my bobbin case is currently set way tighter than those suggested so I will loosen it up and let you know what happens. Thanks again - you guys are the best. Melinda
  3. I've been battling thread issues (now it's breakage every few inches) for over a month. In desperation I have replaced hook assembly, bobbin cases, bobbins, had a repair person to the house who got the timing "just right" - still having problems. I just received the Towa tension gauge in the hopes of getting the bobbin tension "right" but was surprised that it came with no suggested tensions. I've read that so many people are thrilled with the gauge and was hoping you all could suggest some tensions to aim for. thanks sooo much for any help - I am trying to finish out the month with a few hairs left on my head and just a bit of sanity. Melinda
  4. Cynthia LOLROF - my dh does the same thing to me when I am working with the headphones on. He loves to watch me dancing and grooving to the music in between stitching. But you need to peel me off the ceiling when I discover him there. I have begged him to please flicker the lights as a warning. Melinda
  5. carpenters apron - one pocket holds seam ripper, marking pencil and scissors. Other pocket holds CD player. I listen to music with headphones so I don't have to blast the music and disturb everyone else. Melinda in CT
  6. bstucker- thanks for the suggestion. I don't do pantos so don't usually have my eyes anywhere near the spool. I was however, using a giant newish spool (6000 yds) today and still had the problem. Maybe I'll put a practice piece on and do a giant meander so I can watch the spool instead of my stitching. marc - I talked with Connie today and she suggested that I try to move back the little black piece behind the hook assembly. I *tried*, not sure I actually achieved any movement. The hook still moves in and out ever so slightly and definitely rattles. And I still have the occassional loose stitch. I generally use Signature threads. Melinda in CT
  7. Gorgeous job - love the feathers in the border. thanks for sharing. Melinda in Ct
  8. Linda Thanks for the suggestion - what a great source of trouble shooting information. Unfortunately, I didn't see anything there that I haven't already checked. Melinda
  9. I have been battling stitching problems for a couple of weeks. Have finally reduced greatly the occurrence of birds nests (using a new bobbin case) but now have an occassional single loose stitch on top. I have tried sanding any burrs but don't know what else it might be. Melinda in Ct Millie
  10. I'm new to this group. I'm a SAHM with 4 boys - one Marine, two in college and one 5th grader. I've had my Millie for 3 years but have only been seriously using her since Oct. Speaking from serious experience, Diane, frogging is one of the unfortunate inevitablities in the learning curve. Lots and lots of frogging in the beginning and hopefully less and less as the PPP continues. Thanks, Jeri, for the tip to steam the area and press dry on the roller. I will definitely try that when the next pleat occurs. (Notice, Diane, I said *when* cuz it will definitely happen). Melinda in CT Millie