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  1. I like the idea of posting a list of APQS owners on your website as well as links to their blogs. I would like to see the list divided into areas of the country where APQS owners live so that we might be able to make contact when we are in each other's areas.
  2. Has anyone found a good source for pantographs? Sometimes I want one that is a little different or has a western theme or novelty theme. Thanks. Sharon
  3. I have forgotten what size the Avitar has to be to get it posted on my information. Can anyone tell me? Sharon in Central Oregon
  4. I just did a edge to edge medium panto since it was a charity quilt. It would be fun to do fills between the stacks if I had had the time. To see it larger click on the picture.When the photobucket photo page comes up put the cursor on the picture. It will say 57% in the upper left corner. Click on that and it goes to 100% picture.
  5. Just finished quilting this quilt for the Bend Infusion Center, the charity our guild supports. The "Stacked Coins" pattern is a great way to use scraps.
  6. Could you tell me of some good sources for pantos that are economical and of good quality. I started out with some beginner basic ones that I purchased from another member on these boards. Now I want to branch out and get more variety. Sharon
  7. How many jelly rolls does it take? How long is each row or strip that you sew together? Looks like fun!
  8. I will be thinking of you and the great time you will have. I will make a Moxie meeting sometime. Right now we are in Mesa, AZ, working for a snowbird RV resort for the winter. We have a quilt guild here that many women come back for every year. We have a small show in March. No matter where we are quilters find each other and have fun.
  9. I am so sorry that you are having to go through this difficult experience. Prayers for peace and hope for your future. I, too, am a registered donor.
  10. Congratulations. We always welcome another reason to make a baby quilt, don't we?
  11. How do you calculate it into the per square inch charges?
  12. Do you have a thread charge when you quilt for others? One person I know charges per bobbin ( that includes thread for top and bottom) Sometimes I have been charged for a spool of thread and then am given what was not used. Does anyone figure the thread in with the per square inch charge? How do you do that??? Thanks for your answers.
  13. I would like to see them too. Do you have a separate charge for thread or include that in your per square inch charge? Does it increase for density of pattern? tqltr7@aol.com
  14. Linda and Quiltlifeaz, Thanks for posting a pic. It is so much easier for me to understand than just a description!
  15. Knowing she has your unconditional love and a safe place with you will be so important as she grows up and faces her own troubles in life. I had a niece that would come "talk" to me and we had the agreement that I would never discuss what we shared with her mom unless it was something illegal or dangerous and then we would go to her mom together to deal with it. In her teen years we did have some rather dicey and tearfull discussions sometimes, but nothing that we had to talk to her parents about. She really matured dealing with some issues on her own after talking them out. She is now in her 30s with a husband and two wonderful girls of her own.
  16. Calgon, bubbles and a nice glass of bubbly wine........what quilt, where???
  17. What I love about traveling is visiting quilt shops especially in small towns. Found a wonderful one in a small older house that had one room all dedicated to 30's reproductions. I think it was in Prosser, Washington.
  18. I love the Panto and I love to barter.... boarded my horse and took cutting lessons for three years for in trade wrangler work. Thanks for the link for the Panto
  19. I have purchased fabric on eBay. Good prices and so far no problems with having materials being just what they were describes as. Be sure the seller has a 97% rating or higher. Some longarmers have found also unquilted tops on there too.
  20. They are always available and really helpful and patient with those of us who are not very mechanically inclined. Especially the last point!!
  21. After seeing several of the quilts that I had done for our guild's Chemo Quilt Charity, a friend asked me to quilt this gift quilt for her. .... and pay me to do it! It is my first and it turned out really well. I think I am getting this figured out and Bella Rosa and I are becoming good friends. Sharon
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