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  1. I believe I have my machine sold and I will be ordering a new one. My question for everyone is.... if a person has plenty of room for a 14 ft frame, is there any reason they would want a 12 ft instead? I am a newbie on the forum and I'm learning so much from reading your posts! Thanks for sharing!!! iquilt in Idaho ps I would post a happy mood, but I haven't figured out how.
  2. I wish I had seen your post earlier. You drove right past my house! I have gone to this show before and even visited their guild meeting a few times. ~iquilt~
  3. Thank you Linda! I went to both links and checked out those brake pictures. My old Ultimate I never had a brake... that I am aware of. I was the 2nd owner and knew nothing about long arms when I got it... and I'm still learning! Your quilting is gorgeous!!!
  4. I "searched" on thr apqs site and got nothing for brakes. I guess I am really behind the times, because I don't know what brakes are and I'm unfamiliar with magna glide bobbins. My old machine has neither!