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  1. This chat has been very interesting and informative and I appreciate all the thoughts on this subject. One perspective that has not been mentioned much is one that I hear from attendees each year for the past few years and that is to ask more quilters to enter the MQS quilt show with quilts they quilt for their customers or for themselves- not just the art quilts. Quilters are looking for ideas they can use for their customer quilts that are "fresh". This is why we originally started the Bread and Butter category. If you have suggestions for quilt designs and patterns to use in this catego
  2. Sharon and Judy, What a wonderful adventure you are beginning. I'm a member of a group in the Kansas City Area, Mo-Kan Machine Quilters Guild, which has grown from about 24 at the first organizational meeting about 5 years ago to around 130 members at the present time. It was such an exciting time being part of a new and growing longarm group. For a free place to advertise your guild be sure to list your guild on the IMQA Regional Groups List and if you need a sounding board for ideas contact Lynne Zeh, the IMQA Regional Groups Facilitator at Rgroup@imqa.org. I'm really excited for you.
  3. Hi Sandra, When you book a room be sure to mention you will be with the Machine Quilters Showcase sponsored by IMQA and make sure they put you in that block.
  4. Hi, all. I do hope you have had a chance to relax and start thinking about your entries in next year\'s show. The list of winners is on the IMQA web site now. Enter the MQS page and it will direct you to the list of winners.
  5. The Show officially opens on Wednesday and that is why we start with a shopping frenzy. Many of the vendors run specials throughout the 3:00-7:00 pm shopping and show time. There are door prizes throughout, also. Thursday evening at the Tiki Treasures many of the teachers will be there with their new books and techniques so you can also get your books autographed that evening. Linda Taylor is giving a $1000 gift certificate to one of her retreats for some lucky winner at the end of Tiki Treasures. And there will be door prizes and the prize one of you will undoubtedly win for "best Tropic
  6. Hi, On the community page of the Kansas City Star on line there are candids of people who attended MQS this year. Go to shows and expos and then Machine Quilters Showcase to view them. I know you will recognize some of them, maybe even yourself! Lenni is there and a great picture of Annie Oakley aka Sue Patton. http://communityfaces.kcstar.com/?action=viewall&id=449&expand=0&s=1&ac=1&ct=1&pc=1&fs=1&stf=1 Hope you enjoy these.
  7. Connie, The DVD is great but Myrna in person is even better! Come take the class Myrna is teaching on the Hartley Fence August 15 at Country Lane Quilting. When you have read her book, watched the DVD and taken the class, you will be a master at using the Hartley Fence!! She is also teaching some other classes. My partner, Janet, and I were just in southeast Indiana on business this past week. From southwest Ind. it is an easy drive.
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