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  1. Try checking the connections in your mushroom heads on the handles, gently ease them off the handles to look, you may have dislodged something in the move, make sure all connections under there are firm.
  2. Hi Lyn, I've only just got onto page 2 straight from your post, don't know why it wouldn't work from the bottom of the page but thanks. Yes I'm fairly sure we will join you, haven't spoken to Shelley about it yet but it sounds good. I've just been talked into the gala dinner by a friend who has just seen Ricky in Perth, not to be missed it seems.
  3. Hearty congratulations Sheryl, you picked a great day to be married on, 14th August is our wedding anniversary too and my husband is a truckie too, well done!
  4. Shelley and Lorraine and myself will be in Thursday arvo, Saturday early would work for me, 8.30am class with Myrna (165) and I think Shelley has that one too.
  5. I have 161 165 208 267 269 335 366 and teachers angel at 267 and a stint on the admissions desk on Saturday. Shelley has quite a few of the same ones too but I think is still away. Not long now.
  6. No quilting for me for a few weeks, not sure I'll handle the withdrawals well, I've been packing our caravan preparatory to a 3 week trip up to where it's a bit warmer, -2c here this morning, frost everywhere. I will so miss my daily fix on the forum, will check in where wifi is available. Your feathers are wonderful Patti-Jo, that quilt looks like it could fly!
  7. Congrats on your first pics and that's a great design, well done Julie.
  8. What a talented lady you are Kay, super little quilt and lovey story, Grandma hugs are sooo special and it goes both ways.
  9. Congrats Linda, Brag away, you deserve it.
  10. Fabulous job Lyn, you were a good girl and listened to your teacher, then went and did it your way, I love it.
  11. My 1953 came out from the UK, very mouldy but a day in the sunshine all in pieces and a good clean and wipe down with WD40 and she's a sweet machine, sews beautifully now. Initially had a problem when the capacitor blew and cooked the wiring, fortunately enough left uncooked to be able to reconnect the motor and light ok, apparently, with age, the capacitor fails, some of the FWs have them, some don"t, it was to stop interference with radios and TVs, ask for a photo of the underneath with the bottom plate removed, if you can see a cylinder about the size of a small lipstick case, to the left of centre with wiring that leads over to the right where the motor connects in, either dodge that one or have your machine mechanic remove the capacitor and wiring before you try it out, it's not neccessary and will work just fine without it, modern day appliances are already shielded against interference. Happy hunting!
  12. Patti my heart goes out to you and Michael, losing 1 son is heartbreaking, I cannot imagine what you must be feeling having lost 2 precious boys, try to keep positive and soak up the prayers and good wishes that come thru this wonderful group for you both.