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  1. I can't even get home owners insurance where I live that I can afford and when we did have insurance I asked about insuring my studio that we were building. (it took 4 years to build but NO loans!) I was told that it wouldn't be worth insuring that the LA made it industrial and that I was looking at well over $1000. every 6 months. I don't have that kind of money so I just have to pray that nothing happens. We have a farm and live several miles from town and have a local volunteer fire department that is only 3 miles up the road but that doesn't count as having a fire department so we just pray that nothing major happens and fix everything that needs fixing ourselves. The insurance that we had wouldn't cover our outbuildings or our well so when it did get struck by lightening we had to pay the full bill anyway so wasn't really worth much but it satisfied the bank so when I burned the mortgage we kept the insurance for another year then said nope can't do it if it isn't going to pay when we need it. Took the money that was going to pay the insurance and paid for a new well pump. So I feel your pain and I understand the frustration but I am not much help. Sorry.
  2. check the website I think Dawn did a piece on this I have the black mm wheels and that is what I use not bliss if no one else chimes in or you can't find it on the blog give them a call
  3. Wow this is really different!

  4. This is one of the names that I am thinkng about because when I get to bring it home (he lives with my mom:o), I am going to have to build a place for him and we are looking into a "barn" that you fix the spot and they bring in the building and set it up. So I am looking at what I actually want!
  5. Wow thanks to everyone that helped I really enjoyed the stories and the information. Vicki, my heritage is a little bit of everything, the Ozarks was settled primarily by Irish and German and married Native Americans. So here I am and throw in a little English just for fun:P. The Ozarks are truly a differant group, I had thought about River Rat Quilts just because I grew up being called a River Rat and raised my kids and now my grandbabies on the River as much as possible we even hunt on the river love the quiet mornings waiting on a deer to come in. My mom said we should call it Green Acres Quilting I live on a small farm and when the tracter wouldn't start last Spring I looked out to see my DH pulling it with the skidder and my son on the tracter pulling the plow to break the garden hence "Green Acres". I thought about my name but I just didn't like it, just sounded too simple. Oh and Debbie I love all of the names that you are thinking about. Gable I have no clue how to register the name but can I just Google US Patent & Trademark Office. I hope that I have covered everything it had been several days since I was able to get on here. Again Thank You, to ALL that chimed in.
  6. I know this has been asked before but..... How do you choose a name for your business? I don't want to just use my name I want it to be creative and fun but nothing seems to sound life changing. I live on a small farm in a very rural area of the MO Ozarks and most people who do quilts just post a sign by the road that says machine quilting. I would like for it to show my herritage in some way but not real fond of Hillbillyism's. I would love to hear any suggestions that you might have. Thank you.
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