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    Quilting Grammy reacted to Quilta93 in Niece wanted to make a quilt   
    My niece, Sydney, visited for a week from Minnesota, because she wanted to see us and wanted to learn to quilt. She'll be 14 next month.  She saved her money and bought a sewing machine.  The only sewing she's really done was in the class the place she bought her sewing machine offered for new machine owners.  I've taught adults, but not kids.  I told her to look through a book of blocks and choose the ones she liked. I vetoed all but the one in the pictures.  I decided to make 18" inch blocks, so she only needed to make 6 blocks. It ended up looking too long and skinny, so we decided to make 3 more blocks.  Sydney did most of the cutting and sewing. I did all the pinning. I had her practice drawing what she wanted to quilt, and then quilt it on some sheets I cut down, using my Millie. She decided to quilt feathers and swirls in the sashing, and I suggested meandering in the blocks. She did one block, and didn't like it at all, so we ripped it out.  She ended up doing feathers in all the blocks. She did all the quilting. She had never even seen a longarm until she saw mine.  I'm amazed at how well she did. She said she had no idea what making a quilt involved. With all the work she did in one week, she didn't get burned out. She wants to come back, and thinks she can go home and make a quilt using the churn dash block.    Deb.  
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    Quilting Grammy got a reaction from Mary Beth in Millie Sweepstakes   
    here we go again I'm in and this oneis mine  Possitive thoughts
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    Quilting Grammy reacted to T Row Studio in Dandelion Quilt-very modern   
    Hi here is the last one off the frame. I do not get very modern quilts in these parts but this one is leaning that direction.
    All I think it needed was straight line quilting. so that is what I did What do you think.
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    Quilting Grammy reacted to mlsa3 in My Jesus Quilt   
    This is my latest quilt.  I still have to square it up and put the binding on it.
    It's the Carpenter's Star Pattern.  Since Jesus was the ultimate carpenter I'm calling it my "Jesus Quilt."  I'm giving it to a lady at church who is over our Sunday School Departments.  She's such a sweet lady and always smiling and willing to help.
    I did a lot of ruler work and some pattern boards for the designs.  The center design is a heart with feathers on the inside.  To me the heart reminds me of Jesus's love for us all.  One design is a dove which represents the Holy Spirit.  Another block has a heart with a cross in it.  That represents what Jesus did for us all.  Then there is the crosshatch....just because I love to do crosshatching.

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    Quilting Grammy reacted to LeannM in "On Wings of Song" - quilt just finished on my Millie   
    I challenged myself to come up with a music quilt celebrating my 40 years of music ministry in church and parochial schools that was modern in nature and a bit out of my box.  Here is what I came up with.  Had lots of fun using templates and using free motion to create movement in the negative spaces.

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    Quilting Grammy reacted to Quilting Heidi in AQS Syracuse Happy Dance - update Luminous Star 2nd place Wall!!!   
    Just got notified that one of my quilts placed at Syracuse! So excited. I'll find out tomorrow which one and what prize.

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    Quilting Grammy reacted to Leida Glez in This is my last custom quilting.   
    Will I have to quilting with fever ????  I love how it looks.

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    Quilting Grammy reacted to Liam in Rulers   
    Out of all the rulers I have, I would have to say I use my small straight and my "itty bitty" rulers the most. I also use my straight and curved crosshatch rulers a lot.
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    Quilting Grammy got a reaction from Sheri Butler in A NEW VENTURE IS UNDER WAY FOR ME.....   
    That sounds great can't wait to see them!!!!!
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    Quilting Grammy reacted to Sheri Butler in A NEW VENTURE IS UNDER WAY FOR ME.....   
    I was contacted by a company to design quilting templates for long-arm, mid-arm and short-arm machines.
    It is in the pre-planning stages, but, if all goes...I will let all you template users here, have first shot at some new designs!!!
    I am shooting for Very Reasonably Priced templates, with top grade plastic,.. and they've agreed to the lowest shipping rates with no extra fees!
    Fingers crossed!
    Being Centrally located in the U.S. will help everyone with shipping costs too!!!
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    Quilting Grammy reacted to bttyboopette in Nailed it!   
    I believe it was Rita that pointed me to Jamie Wallens feathers video. Saved me! Everything clicked for me. Thank you!

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    Quilting Grammy got a reaction from Leida Glez in cleaned with alcohol   
    check the website I think Dawn did a piece on this I have the black mm wheels and that is what I use not bliss if no one else chimes in or you can't find it on the blog give them a call
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    Quilting Grammy reacted to RoseCity Quilter in "Hop to it" customer quilt   
    Seems like my presence here is sporadic these days.....,life just has been too busy to keep,up with all the social media things Inhave gotten involved in. Anyways I am here tonight.
    I finished quilting this quilt recently for my customer Liz Maki. The pattern is called "Hop to it" by Laundry Basket quilts.
    Liz's Hop To It Quilt by -RoseCity Quilter-
    Liz's Hop To It Quilt by -RoseCity Quilter-
    Liz's Hop To It Quilt by -RoseCity Quilter-
    I also wrote a blog on this quilt, https://rosecityquilter.wordpress.com/2016/03/05/lizs-hop-to-it-quilt/
    Pictures are taken accross the street from our new store at Camrose United Church. It is a great setting for the quilts and is so close!
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    Quilting Grammy reacted to Oma in Quilt therapy   
    Love this forum...great therapy!
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    Quilting Grammy reacted to chickenscratch in MQX entry   
    I have a quilt going to New England in tomorrow's mail. I hope I win a ribbon.

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    Quilting Grammy got a reaction from Trish in Star quilt finally off the frame!   
    Absolutly beautiful!!!!
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    Quilting Grammy reacted to Mary Beth in Millie Sweepstakes   
    I really need to be obsessed with this, but I can't I forget to enter. So now I am hoping that my lack of entries will be a good thing. I don't know, I don't win things. I thought about trying to win the lottery, not the BIG lottery, just a ticket worth $20000.00 so I could buy a new Millie. But then I shook myself and got my head back to reality. 
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    Quilting Grammy got a reaction from Mary Beth in Millie Sweepstakes   
    I enter almost daily and i havn't won anything so I think the Millie just might be mine!!!! 
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    Quilting Grammy reacted to Cagey in Tomorrow is the BIG Day   
    Mary Beth
    Dr. Yonas Geda found and published back in 2012 that quilting and sewing was great for your mind and helped slow the development of Alzheimer's and other brain impairments.  Building social networks was also helpful.  These two things alone should be reason enough for any lady to go out with full support of their husbands and buy themselves a fully decked out sewing machine or longarm.  Who cannot find friends or supporters after learning to quilt much less after buying a longarm?  That should be the new APQS sales pitch, "A brain is a terrible thing to waste...Save a mind, buy a Freedom."*  I'm fairly sure a man would hang the article on the refrigerator for their wife/significant other could not miss it if there was a scientific study that said having intercourse twice a day was great for their prostate health.
    After being away for 7 years, you have to get your mind back in shape.  Just look at how much healthier your will be in a few weeks or months after you start remember how you used to do things, and it all becomes second nature to you again.  Just think of it like smoking.  Eight hours after stopping your oxygen levels are back to normal, 24 hours later your heart attack risk is lowered, 48 hours and your smell/taste improve, and the list goes on and on.  You just have to get your fix of quilting.  Your mind has atrophied over the years, and it will take time for it to heal.  I predict after 8 hours of quilting you will have forgotten some of your past grievances, after 24 hours you will have 20 new friends/supporters when they see pictures of your projects, and after 48 hours you will have given up using a grocery shopping list recalling everything you need at the store, and the list goes on and on.  
    Have fun.
    *No medical research supporting this opinion or statement, but if it sells one extra machine a week it was worth making it.
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    Quilting Grammy reacted to Little House Creations in Finally quilted my "Swoon"   
    I finally put my Swoon quilt (Thimble Blossoms) on Freeda - my most ambitious quilting to date  Continuous Curves in the swoon block; Curved crosshatching and feathers in white areas . . . I used the leftovers from making all those HSTs to make a pinwheel border.  I used two layers of batting - Hobbs Wool on top; Hobbs 80/20 underneath; Glide thread; Lisa Calle's ProEcho Rulers. 

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    Quilting Grammy got a reaction from Quilting Heidi in Star quilt finally off the frame!   
    Absolutly beautiful!!!!
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    Quilting Grammy reacted to Primitive1 in Finally finished UFO   
    Just wanted to share this quilt that has taken me 13 years to finally get finished....it was my very first appliqué class taken in Ketchikan, AK where we tried a different way of appliqué for each block, (needle turn, back basting, and I forgot what the others were called)...I moved from AK to VA in 2003 and finished the appliqué up waiting for my household goods to arrive sitting in the sun on the deck and finally got it quilted last week and the binding and label on today...whew!  I am trying to work my way through my old UFO's that need quilting and have taken a break from customers...so one down and 12 more to go.....  I feel like I have accomplished something!  

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    Quilting Grammy reacted to The YEG Quilter in Memorial quilt   
    I started this quilt in June 2014 at a retreat in LaVeta Colorado with Ricky Tims. The idea for this quilt was in my head for a while and when this opportunity came up to attend his week long retreat, I knew the time was right for The Last Goodbye. The centre of the log cabin blocks in the middle of the large diamond are fabric from a tie. That was the only thing I had that was my fathers. He passed away in 1975, when I was 8. With Ricky's guidance, along with encouragement from my studio mates that were at the retreat at the same time from Sparrow's Studioz in Edmonton, The Last Goodbye was designed. I quilted it on my APQS Millennium, and I'm so very pleased with the results.
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    Quilting Grammy reacted to Bliss Quilter in NQR- Prayer Request   
    Been away too long - grandually getting better from my back injury last May. Had Kyphoplasty done on an acute compress factor on T12 vertebra yesterday. Surely hope this procedure works so I can get back to playing with Miss Miilie. I received Miss Millie Oct. 2014 and have only quilted a few tops. I am so ready to get back to Quiting & Piecing.
    I have done some binding on quilts done previously. And been enjoying a few classes on IQuilt and You Tube. These clips are great and helped me to get my Quilting MOJO back. Hope to get the blog updated as well.
    Please pray for a speedy recovery,
    Thanking you all in advance.
    Many Blessings to you all,
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    Quilting Grammy reacted to Sheagatzi in A modern quilt for my bed   
    I call myself the 'cobbler with no shoes'  because I quilt for everyone else except me!  
    So my goal was to make a quilt for our new house,   our new bed....
    I wanted calm neutral colours reminding me of sand or pebbles.....I made this quilt  using the pattern "Sweet Garden" from Carolina Patchworks.    I was intending to make the entire king size with this pattern -  and I did.  Then I hated it, so I chopped 2/3s of the pattern off and added white for some neutral breathing space.  
    Simple quilting in between the blocks.   
    And then I got carried away in the white.     [